Cornelia Avenue SBC

  • Denomination: Baptist - SBC
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About Cornelia Avenue SBC

Mission: Challenging people from all generations and backgrounds to discover and live a Thriving relationship with Jesus Christ.

About: Sunday Morning Worship and also Bible Study for all age groups are offered at both 9:00am & at 10:30am. Call the church office for more meeting times!

Our core values:
1) God’s Glory
2) Biblical Authority
3) People Matter
4) Whatever It Takes
5) Life Change
6) Partnership
7) Accountability

Our strategy: We will intentionally seek to provide opportunities to interact with unchurched people who live within our ministry area in order to draw them toward involvement with our church. Once here , we will intentionally seek to help people move toward two avenues: discovery and discipleship.

1. “The Avenue” to DISCOVERY
a. Discovering and accepting Christ
b. Discovering and valuing church membership
c. Discovering and participating in a small group.
2. “The Avenue” to Discipleship
a. Living to learn
b. Living to serve
c. Living to fulfill my mission.