Cornerstone Church (PCA)

  • Denomination: Presbyterian - PCA
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About Cornerstone Church (PCA)

We believe that God loves us, and brings us into fellowship with Himself through the Blood of His Son Jesus Christ. Cornerstone is a family, doing our best to proclaim the love and grace of God, as revealed in His Word. All people are welcome at Cornerstone Church – whether you are a Christian believer or whether you do not yet profess faith in Christ Jesus.

In every worship service, we are very intentional in our worship of the Triune God. We use songs, prayers, Confessions of Faith, God’s Word, Confessions of Sin, and Assurances of God’s mercy and grace.

We do our best to reach out with the love of Christ to our neighbors, both here in our community, and around the world. We love having fun and fellowshipping together, whether that’s over dinner, ladies meeting for fellowship, or guys shooting sporting clays. As we work and worship together, our faith grows through these relationships with other believers.