Epiphany Anglican Fellowship

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About Epiphany Anglican Fellowship

Epiphany desires to be a house filled with light, a people of hope, love, joy and deep faith, dedicated to praying for the people of Longmont and beyond.

The aspen grove, a community of free standing trees with an interdependent root system, symbolizes our vision of organic, multiplying Christian Fellowships, all rooted in Jesus as the center of our life and mission, tying together small groups and congregations throughout Colorado and beyond.
We value our ancient traditions and historic faith while reaching to love and serve those who are lost or hurting.
Epiphany Anglican Fellowship is a member congregation of The Anglican Union for the Propagation of the Gospel: A confraternity of International Oratories.
From The Anglican Union: “AUPG is rooted in the Anglican tradition, an ancient-future faith that dates back to the first century church and developed in the English Reformation. The Anglican Union is distinctly nourished by three streams:
THE SCRIPTURE – We hold that Scripture guides our lives and is authoritative for us individually and for the Church at large (known as the evangelical tradition).
THE SACRAMENTAL – We believe the Sacramental life is embodied in the practices and teachings Christians have held throughout the centuries as expressed in the historic Creeds and 39 Articles of Religion. Our faith tradition has a variety of worship expressions, including the sacraments instituted by Jesus (known as the catholic tradition).
THE SPIRIT – We trust God’s Spirit is at work in the Church and the world, manifesting His power and preparing us for ministry through the deposit of his gifts (known as the charismatic tradition).