Hillcrest Baptist Church

  • Denomination: Baptist - SBC
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About Hillcrest Baptist Church

Hillcrest Baptist Church of Dyersburg is a family of God-loving people, living Christ and making disciples. We are a body of believers made up of people from different backgrounds and stories joined together because of the gospel of Christ.

Hillcrest exists to ultimately glorify Jesus Christ in any way He calls us to do so. We do this by loving the people of our community, striving to live Christ-like lives, and training up disciples to go out and share the Gospel.

We believe that at the very core of our faith, these things are what stand out as most important, especially through the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20 and the two greatest commandments found in Matthew 22:36-40.

We are a family, proclaiming the love and grace of God, as found in God’s Word. All are welcome at Hillcrest Baptist Church – those who believe as well as those who are searching.

At each service we gather for meaningful worship to study God’s Word. We reach out with the heart of ministry to care for our neighbors in the name of Christ here and around the world. We have fun and fellowship in a variety of activities ranging from dinners to sporting events. As we work and worship together we find that our faith grows as we enjoy friends old and new.

You will discover many exciting opportunities at Hillcrest Baptist Church. Our website is just the introduction to the spirit of our church. We want you to feel at home and comfortable here. We are pleased to welcome you as part of a growing and diverse Christian community.

At Hillcrest, you are welcomed to come as you are as we all join at the foot of the cross to be transformed into what God wants you to be.