Lycoming Christian Church

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About Lycoming Christian Church

Lycoming Christian Church  (LCC) is a Bible-loving church.  Our goal is to excel as a beacon of light to the lost, a source of encouragement and strength to the saved, and the embodiment of Christ-like compassion and caring for the community.

We are a growing Church:  Since the purpose of the Church is to introduce as many people to Jesus Christ as possible, our priority is to meet the spiritual needs of people we haven’t even met yet!  We would be thrilled to help you make LCC your home.

We, as a Church,  have freedom in Christ:  We don’t believe that everyone has to think alike in order to be an accepted part of our body.  Romans 14 teaches that where the Lord has not clearly spoken in His Word, we are free to disagree with each other, as long as we disagree in love.  This concept is characterized as:

  • “In essentials unity; in opinions liberty; in all things love.”
  • “No creed but Christ, no book but the Bible, no law but love.”
  • “Where the Bible speaks, we speak.  Where the Bible is silent, we are silent.”
  • “We are not the only Christians, but Christians only.”

We are a Church with multiple worship styles:  Every effort is made to make our worship services meaningful to all ages and preferences.  From traditional to contemporary, our worship always speaks of Christ and Biblical truths.