Monona Oaks Community Church

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About Monona Oaks Community Church

Monona Oaks Community Church (MOCC) is located in the City of Monona, Wisconsin near Madison, the capital of the state and home to the University of Wisconsin campus.  Founded in 1956 as Faith Baptist Church, MOCC is an independent, small to medium-sized church in transition that tends to be multi-generational, with core contingents of seniors and young families.  Our congregation has a strong desire towards volunteerism both at MOCC and in the community.

MOCC is known in our community for taking a stand on cultural issues from a Biblical viewpoint.  Because of this, the viewpoints shared by most of the congregation are in stark contrast to the sentiments and viewpoints that are typically expressed by members of the Madison urban-area community in general.  The importance of continuing to be salt and light in our community as commanded in Matthew 5:13-16 is upheld by the congregation, and the expectation is that such issues will continue to be addressed on a regular basis from the pulpit, in addition to regularly enunciating the gospel of salvation by grace through faith (Eph 2:8-9).