Oikos Community Church

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About Oikos Community Church

Oikos is Christ-centered, Reformed, elder-led and family-integrated fellowship.

Our people are committed to glorifying God through submission to the whole Word of God which agrees with His world. We will reach out to the community and the world with Christlike, incarnational compassion in order to extend God’s hand of salvation to build mature, joy filled, radical, praying, missional and reduplicating followers of Christ and churches. The fellowship exists to strengthen the Biblical concept of family, both physical and spiritual, in a non-age segregated environment.

Oikos Community Church, located near Hilliard (Columbus), OH, has faithfully served attending families and the community for nearly 15 years. “Oikos” is derived from the Greek word meaning household or dwelling. The founding pastor, after witnessing the trend of families deteriorating within normal church life, desired to pour his ministerial efforts into a church that would help build up the family unit. Therefore, a strong sense of family discipleship has been engrained within this body since its inception -healthy marriages, biblical roles of husband/father and wife/mother, the Bible regularly taught in the home. Accompanying focuses have also been upon expositional preaching, as well as a simplified model of church so as to allow healthy relationships inside the home. Our tradition is Reformed Baptist Theology, under girded by the 1689 Baptist Confession.