Resurrection Church Hope Mills

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About Resurrection Church Hope Mills

Resurrection Church is currently celebrating our 20 year anniversary since starting weekly public worship in June 2001. After meeting in numerous rented locations, the church now sits on roughly 14 acres of property in a rural farm military community in Grays Creek, NC two miles from Interstate 95. Hope Mills and Fayetteville, NC, home to Ft. Bragg and the sixth largest city in North Carolina, are 5 10 miles from Resurrection Church. In 2017, under new pastor Elijah Love joy’s leadership, Resurrection Church’s board / vestry and membership voted unanimously to relaunch the church (formerly called The Church of the Apostles) with a new name, new vision and new 10 acre community park. The church has grown slowly and steadily over the last 4 years and helped initiate two other church plants in Beckley, WV and Moore County, NC (currently ongoing) using the circuit rider model of church planting. Resurrection Church is a warm and servant hearted group of people, who have been through many ups and downs but have remained committed to the Lord and each other for 20 years. Three of the four founding families still actively serve, participate and contribute to Jesus’ church at Resurrection to this day.