Rush Community Church

  • Denomination: Church of the Nazarene
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About Rush Community Church

Rush Community Church of the Nazarene is a wonderful church with a rich heritage. It has been involved in the surrounding community for over 100 years. Generations have found Rush to be a place to be encouraged and strengthened in their faith.
The church works hard to place a high priority on its mission to reach out. That task is best accomplished as we work together. We understand this to be a New Testament mandate. There are over 100 “one another” passages that spell out to us through either commands or instructions to work together. It might be easy or convenient to follow paths that provide some spiritual benefit through personal isolation. But that is not what brings us together as the Body of Christ.
We invite you to join us in your journey of faith. Join us as we touch lives of children and youth through well planned ministries like Caravan and Youth Group. Join us as we touch the world through missions. Join us as we reach our neighbors and friends with loving compassion’s. Join us as we work together to Reach Others for Him!