St. Paul’s Anglican Church

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About St. Paul’s Anglican Church

St. Paul’s Anglican Church is in the heart of the historic town of Summerville, South Carolina. Its roots date back to 1717 with the current historic church building established in 1832. Our core values at St. Paul’s are the unwavering foundations upon which we seek to build Christ’s church. We stand firmly on the values of being “Biblically-Minded, Christ-Centered, Holy-Spirit Driven.” We believe the purpose of the church is to “go and tell” through authentic and intentional disciple-making. We initiate new Christians through Baptism and saving faith. We then teach them and form them as disciples. Finally, we send them out to make more disciples through sharing God’s word and caring for souls.

“Connecting to Christ – Growing in Grace – Serving His world.”

Rooted in the past yet relevant today:  St. Paul’s sows the Good News of Jesus for all people, cultivates servant leaders, and grows neighborly communities.