The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

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About The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

We Are Good Shepherd

We are joyful followers of Christ’s word and love. We are a growing congregation of over 3500 who value personal relationships with our clergy. We are lovers of traditional hymns and of bluegrass spirituals. We are cradle Episcopalians, and we are new to this global faith. We are preschoolers, children, working adults, stay-at-home parents, retirees. We are multi-generational Austinites, and we are newcomers to this city. We are a politically diverse group, in a blue city, in a red state. We treasure our Episcopal tradition; we take risks to minister in a changing city. We are energized by intimate group studies and by standing-room-only worship services. We bless babies, backpacks, anniversaries, pets. We celebrate together at baptisms and weddings; we mourn together at funerals. We love our church. We value the support of our community. We look with hope and prayer toward our future, and we invite you to walk with us in the next chapter of our journey in faith.

Community: We are welcoming, loving, and accepting of all into our community of faith and fellowship.
Tradition: We respect our Episcopal heritage of scripture, reason, worship, music, and prayer.
Spirituality: We joyfully acknowledge and respond to God’s transformative presence, grace, and beauty in our lives.
Education: We seek to grow spiritually by studying, praying, and serving Christ in all persons.