Underwood Memorial Baptist

  • Denomination: American Baptist
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About Underwood Memorial Baptist

For 174 years, members of Underwood Memorial Baptist Church have come together to experience God through our love for one another and compassion for those on the margins. We have a long history of being progressive and practical, of working behind the lines rather than outside of them. We offer a welcoming and affirming place for all and excel at fostering rich relationships that bring about spiritual growth, healing, and community-building. We are laid back and willing to try new things. Our adaptability and commitment to social justice have endured for 174 years and ensure that our worship and worldviews are always relevant to the times.

We are a small community of dedicated and courageous people looking for bold leadership for the next chapter of our church. At Underwood you will find deep, proud roots in our history, and wings ever-ready to open to the future and embrace the world. Although we have lost many members in the past few years through death or life changes, we are hopeful that we can increase in size, facility usage, and our impact in the community.