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    Job Description

    PAY: $75,000 – $100,000, DOE
    BENEFITS: Medical, vacation, retirement, housing allowance, sabbatical

    PURPOSE: First Presbyterian has always had a heart for evangelism. We seek a pastor who shares this vision and can effectively lead us in fulfilling our mission.

    OBJECTIVE: While leading in worship, preaching the Word, and administering the sacraments, assisting the congregation of First Presbyterian Church to continue to grow in spiritual and emotional health and in purpose as outlined below.

    ● Master’s degree from an accredited theological seminary,
    ● Theologically able to affirm the 7 Essentials of the EPC and its Book of Order
    ● No disqualifying convictions in their past.

    ● Leadership in implementing our vision of ourselves as a people of God with a mission and our
    unique contribution to the kingdom of God. We have a mission statement and we know that our location is a statement from God about our mission.
    ● Re-engagement and further development of a small group ministry that disciples and builds
    authentic community as a means of spreading the gospel
    ● Leadership in facilitating the development of a comprehensive discipleship program that
    addresses the same core theological concepts at age-appropriate levels across the church. The
    Lead Pastor will seek ways to promote a depth of intimacy with, and biblical knowledge of God the Father, Jesus our Savior, and the work of the Holy Spirit in us and through us.

    The Lead Pastor will operate in four key areas:
    1. Pastoral care and Proclamation of the Word
    a. Coordinate and lead worship services that help the congregation and guests become more aware of God’s glory, grace, love, and holiness. Conduct worship services that welcome the presence of the Holy Spirit, His conviction, and His call to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ so that attendees would then be inspired to share Christ’s love and freedom with others.
    b. Model personal spiritual growth and maturity by disciplined study, prayer, worship, humility, and outreach.
    c. Be responsible for conducting the sacraments – Holy Communion at least once a month and baptisms as needed. In conjunction with Deacons, conduct requested funerals and weddings as true worship services, providing pre-marital counseling to promote lasting, solid, God-centered marriages.
    d. Provide pastoral care to church members – in conjunction with other staff, Elders, Deacons, other care committees – including, but not limited to hospital, extended-care facility, and home visits, counseling, as needed or as your expertise extends to, and crisis spiritual counseling.
    e. Act as a key leader, helping the church reach the vision objectives set by the session.
    f. Assist the staff in developing new ministry programs, as directed by the Holy Spirit, which are appropriately responsive to identified needs and church growth.

    2. Chief of Staff
    a. Provide leadership and supervision to a small staff including the full-time Youth Director,
    half-time Children’s Minister, full-time Office Manager, and two additional part-time positions. The Lead Pastor is expected to encourage each staff member to reach their fullest potential by empowering them to use their God-given gifts while providing appropriate accountability.
    b. Direct staff with strategic planning, goal setting, evaluation, and adjustment of tactics that allow ministry programs in a way that is responsive to identified needs and church growth, as directed by the Holy Spirit.
    c. Lead staff meetings on a regular basis for the purpose of team building, joint decision making, pursuing the vision, team accountability, and calendaring.
    d. Provide yearly evaluations of each employee and salary recommendations to the Personnel Committee.
    e. Oversee training and professional development for staff, including self-development in
    leadership and administrative skills.

    3. Liaison between the Session and Congregation
    a. Serve as Moderator of Session and all congregational meetings, nominating a proxy when needed as appropriate.
    b. Serve as a resource to ministry teams and committees.
    c. Facilitate ongoing, open communication within the church, including among Session, Deacons, ministry teams, nominating teams, staff, committees, and the congregation.

    4. Administrative Operations
    a. Engage with Session regarding the financial and business, facility maintenance and care, and the application of policy.

    For submission of PIF/Resume, please contact Brian Rozell via email.

    Phone (907) 687-9792

    Application deadline closed.

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