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    Job Description

    Job Description:

    Duties, as described below, indicate the responsibilities of the Music Leader:

    • Select music for Sunday worship (coordinating it with Sunday’s sermon).
    • Find chords, lyrics, and copyright information for all music and print for rehearsal/worship service for all musicians/singers.
    • Send setlist, links, lyrics, and chords to the Lead Minister, Praise team members, and audiovisual team.
    • Lead practice with musicians/singers.
    • Arrive before weekly practice and before 8:00 AM Sunday morning practice to ensure set up and to begin promptly as well as end promptly.
    • Lead the music portion of worship 10:00 AM Sundays.
    • Makes transition prayers/comments between songs as needed.
    • Maintain instruments, repairs, worship needs, and reconfigure stage for musicians as needed (this may also require coordination with the audiovisual team).
    • Help clear off stage for other uses (VBS, events, etc.) in coordination with the audiovisual coordinator.
    • Organizing music, software, CCLI licensing, and helping maintain computer and software updates to create assurance that services and practices operate correctly.
    • Make sure that the service order and ProPresenter presentation are complete and prepared before service
    • Create and balance the budget for 10:00 AM worship (this includes music/visual aids/instruments/repairs, etc.)
    • Attend scheduled staff meetings as required.
    • Give input and assistance with stage design/backdrops to coordinate with sermon series.

    Occasional duties 

    • Assist in creating introduction videos for sermon series as needed.
    • The Music Leader will coordinate special services with the Executive Minister, Children’s Ministers, and other members of the congregation throughout the year. Adherence to the traditional Church calendar as well as activities ongoing in the church will enliven the worship service.
    • The Music Leader shall review annually and abide by the written policies and procedures of Christ’s Hope Ministries and Church as contained in the Personnel Manual.

    General Expectations

    • The Music Leader will be supportive of Christ’s Hope Ministries & Church goals…
    • The Music Leader will have access to members of the Staff, Elders, Ministry Team Leaders, and members of the congregation
    • The Music Leader may order supplies and will maintain budget and spending reports
    • The Music Leader may submit expenses by written expense voucher for reimbursement
    • The Music Leader may call upon the members of the congregation to voluntarily assist
    • It is expected that the Music Leader dress reasonably and in attire appropriate for the occasion or activity.
    • The Music Leader will be expected to engage in conduct, both on and off the job, that reflects in a positive manner of the church. Serious misconduct of a nature that would tend to discredit the church could result in termination or other appropriate disciplinary actions outlined in the Personnel Manual.
    • The Music Leader will need to properly vet/evaluate volunteers to make sure that each person is a current and growing believer. Volunteers need to first maintain their relationship with Jesus, before offering their talents.
    • If obvious sin or transgression arises in a volunteer, the volunteer needs to be addressed on the issue. The Music Leader would need to make the Executive Minister and Lead Minister aware of the situation and update them on the progress.
    • Team and relationship building with the Praise Team members
    • Mature believer that maintains their relationship and growth with Jesus.

    Requirements and Expectations:

    • Mature believer that maintains their relationship and growth with Jesus.
    • Working knowledge of ProPresenter, Apple products, CCLI, Planning Center Services scheduling, digital soundboard
    • Team mentality
    • Instrumental and vocal talent 
    • Music theory
    • Experience leading or serving on a church band
    • passion and energy

    Salary: $12,000/year

    Application deadline closed.

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