Director of Youth Ministry Full Time

@ Shalom Christian Reformed Church
  • Sioux Falls View on Map
  • Denomination: Christian Reformed
  • Job Category: Youth & Teen Ministry
  • Date Posted: 20 October 2022
  • Application closes: 31 January 2023
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    Job Description

    Youth Director Position:  Come join us on our mission of growing and showing our love for Jesus everyday as we worship, disciple, and serve together. Shalom Christian Reformed Church, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is seeking a full-time youth director who loves Jesus and is passionate about reaching the next generation through partnership with parents, the church, and the community. This person must be a servant-leader who has a strong commitment to their faith and seeks to provide opportunities for students to own their faith and grow in their love with Jesus. The youth director needs to exhibit strong leadership skills in the church that enhance the worship, outreach, and fellowship of each young person attending and will provide support for families with youth.

    Qualifications: A four-year degree in Youth Ministry or related field and three or more years of experience working with youth is preferred. An applicant must be a professing Christian who has a Reformed world and life understanding and is excited to promote the Christian faith to young people.

    a. Publicly demonstrate a vibrant relationship with God and professes Jesus as his/her Lord and Savior. Is a dedicated Christian who is focused on growing in Jesus and showing His glory though his/her ministry.
    b. Demonstrate an acceptance of the Bible as the inspired Word of God and believe in and promote the Christian Reformed Church doctrines, theology, and interpretation of the Bible.
    c. Demonstrates organizational abilities and is able to communicate effectively with others.
    d. Four-year college degree preferred in youth ministry or related field.
    e. Three or more years of experience preferred working with Youth.
    f. Will be an active member of Shalom CRC while employed.

    I. General Description and Purpose
    a. The Youth Director (YD), in collaboration with the Youth Ministry Team (YMT), will develop and implement a comprehensive ministry for students in grades six through young adults. The YD is primarily responsible for the day-to-day direction of Shalom Christian Reformed Church’s ministry to students in grades six through young adults. The YD will assist the YMT as well as other teams, especially the Children’s Ministry Team and the Adult and Family Ministry Team, as a part of a comprehensive staff ministry and in fulfillment of the YMT mandate.
    II. Accountability
    a. The YD is directly accountable to the Director of Church Operations (DCO) and ultimately accountable to the Council through the Leadership Team.
    b. The YD ensures the monthly team reports are submitted to the office administrator as an update to the Leadership Team and Council.
    c. The YD will meet with the DCO on a regular basis and engage in regular performance reviews with the DCO.
    d. The YD will attend two annual Shalom Leadership retreats/workshops.
    e. The YD will identify in writing ministry goals each quarter.
    f. The YD will attend, as an ex officio member, all meetings of the YMT.
    g. The YD will annually submit to the YMT a ministry plan and budget of proposed expenditures for the upcoming year consistent with the YMT mandate.
    h. The YD will regularly attend scheduled staff meetings.
    i. The YD will follow the policies and procedures as laid out in the employee handbook.
    IV Responsibilities
    a. Personal Development
    i. Maintain a vital, maturing and daily personal walk with God, providing an honorable role model of someone who engages in spiritual disciplines (such as: studying the Bible, prayer, love, and servant-hood).
    ii. Annually submit in writing to the DCO a proposal for continuing education; including educational opportunities such as conferences, workshops, and a list of reading materials consistent with ministry responsibilities and personal development.
    b. Student Relational Ministry
    i. Initiate and maintain a record of student contacts through e-mail, phone, text, social media, and actual presence. Such contacts are to include: school events, small group, and one-on-one contacts.
    ii. Provide pastoral care and encouragement to individual students on a regular basis, and in times of special needs as perceived or identified by volunteer staff, parent, or other ministry personnel. Develop a meaningful relationship with students, making sure each young person also has a meaningful relationship with an adult leader.
    iii. As necessary, and in cooperation with parents/guardians, refer students to a professional Christian counselor.
    iv. Strive to maintain the inclusion, participation, and interaction of all youth within Shalom CRC and non-Shalom students. Be proactive and passionate in welcoming and engaging each student. Help each student find a place in their youth group.
    v. Personally invite each student to publicly profess their relationship with Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
    vi. Display Christ-like loving and caring spirit for the youth involved in ministries at Shalom CRC.
    vii. Plan parent meetings at least two times a year to gain feedback, improve communications, encourage involvement, and promote relationships between the YD and parents.
    viii. In collaboration with the Adult and Family Ministry Director, the YD will help to encourage ministry to post high school young adults.
    c. Middle School/High School Youth Group/Young Adult Leadership
    i. Provide overall vision and direction for the Middle School Youth Group, High School Youth Group, Sunday morning opportunities, and Young Adult ministry.
    ii. With the YMT, carry out the mandate for youth ministry. The YMT will hold monthly meetings to evaluate the effectiveness of various programs, receive updates from the YD and give feedback to the YD.
    iii. Identify, recruit, train, encourage, and develop a team of volunteers to assist in implementing a comprehensive youth ministry for sixth through twelfth grade students aimed at spiritual growth, leadership, worship, evangelism, service projects, affirmation of the youth and support for families with youth.
    iv. Develop an annual schedule of events that includes mission trips, local outreach, service projects, and regular large or small group meetings.
    v. Establish regular contact with other youth pastors/youth directors in the Minn-I-Kota region (both CRC and other) for mutual support and encouragement.
    vi. Provide opportunities for youth to serve within the life of the church and foster accountability with their prospective roles.
    d. Outreach
    i. Develop and implement a plan to equip and sustain student participation in a variety of events and activities to which youth will invite their friends and reach out to the youth in the community.
    e. Educational Leadership
    i. Assist the YMT in identifying materials to be used in sixth through twelfth grade education.
    ii. Identify or develop opportunities for equipping youth in the areas of discipleship, such as: private devotions, prayer, leadership, and witnessing.
    f. Other
    i. Complete other duties as assigned by the DCO and/or Council

    Application Process: In order to get to know you better, please provide a comprehensive resume.  When writing the resume, substance is of more interest that brevity. Please provide a minimum of five references (including a supervisor, a youth group member, an adult youth group leader, a peer, and a person of your choosing).  Include phone and email information for each reference.  We will not contact references until later in the process and only with your approval.

    Along with your resume and references, please complete and submit the Youth Director Questionnaire using the link below.

    Please submit a resume and provide a response to the Youth Director Questionnaire by email (We would encourage you to provide a video response to the Youth Director Questionnaire).

    Application closes: January 31, 2023

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