Children’s Pastor Full Time

@ Downtown Vineyard Church
  • Grand Junction, Colorado View on Map
  • Denomination: Vineyard
  • Job Category: Children’s Ministry
  • Date Posted: 11 November 2022
  • Application closes: 28 February 2023
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    Job Description

    Summary Description of Position: A management-level position responsible for overseeing the development of Children’s Ministry.

    Leadership Responsibilities:
    ● Ability to nurture relationships and provide support and encouragement.
    ● Demonstrate the ability to work well with people, both internally and with external contacts.
    ● Basic computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, Google, and the internet.
    ● Ability to prioritize, follow-up, and manage multiple projects at one time.
    ● Good written and verbal communication skills.
    ● Ability to make quick, accurate, and appropriate decisions.

    Pastor Responsibilities
    ● Preaching & teaching.
    ● Provide Pastoral guidance and direction.
    ● Participate in weddings and funerals as needed.
    ● Participate in hospital visitation.
    ● Weekly prayer and follow-up.
    ● Model a Godly life.

    Specific Job Description Duties and Responsibilities:
    ● Lead children to follow Jesus.
    ● Recruit, train, and empower new volunteers to provide leadership within the Children’s Ministry.
    ● Provide ongoing, regular mentoring, training, and nurturing for existing volunteer leaders, delegating responsibilities when appropriate and necessary.
    ● Maintain a monthly volunteer schedule that is sent to volunteers at least three weeks in advance.
    ● Communicate weekly and meet monthly with Children’s Ministry leaders to build ownership and equip individuals to lead other volunteers.
    ● Follow up with people that are interested in volunteering with the Children’s Ministry, following the established volunteer process.
    ● Create systems and events, and follow existing policies and procedures, to thank and show appreciation to Children’s Ministry volunteers.
    ● Oversee communication between the church, children, and their families.
    ● Provide resources for parents and families as needed for spiritual growth.
    ● Create and foster relationships with other vibrant Children’s Ministries within the Vineyard Church movement and around the country.
    ● Identify, adapt, and prepare curriculum for Nursery through 5th grade.
    ● Oversee the setup and operation of all related Children’s Ministry environments on Sunday morning, including check-in, individual children’s environments, check-out, setup, and teardown.
    ● Provide opportunities for children to participate in ministry.
    ● Provide quarterly Children’s Ministry events.
    ● Provide at least 1 large training event and 1 large social event for the Children’s Ministry team per year.
    ● Provide camp and other activity opportunities during the summer months.
    ● Communicate Children’s Ministry security needs and issues with a staff member who has security oversight, and with the security team as needed on Sunday mornings.
    ● Oversee the Children’s Ministry budget.
    ● Participate in all staff meetings and other meetings as scheduled.

    Requirements, Abilities, and Qualifications:

    In this position:

    ● Ability to lead, guide, and direct staff.
    ● Ability to motivate staff and volunteers, coordinate their efforts and integrate activities.
    ● Ability to research, collect and analyze data.
    ● Strong interpersonal skills (be a good team member).
    ● As a leader, the ability to rally the troops and bring clarity to the vision of the church. Stay current on ministry trends and innovations.
    ● Stay informed about church structure, function, procedures, regulations & policies.
    ● Complete miscellaneous special projects as assigned.

    All employees of the church must be able to:

    ● Demonstrate the core values of the Downtown Vineyard Church.
    ● Treat members, visitors, and colleagues with dignity and respect.
    ● Be an attentive listener fully listening to all questions and concerns posed by members and colleagues.
    ● Adhere to church-wide and department-specific policies, procedures, and group norms.
    ● Apply common sense when it should prevail.
    ● Participate in weekly Management Team and Pastor’s meetings as they are scheduled.
    ● Be on time and courteous.
    ● Complete work in a timely fashion.

    Application closes: February 28, 2023

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