Associate Minister Full Time

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    Job Description

    Lilburn Christian Church, a congregation of approx. 160-200, is seeking someone with diverse ministry skills and experience to help lead the Church in reaching its potential for Christ. The AM will work closely with the Senior minister and Elders in charting the course for the future direction of the Church.  A Candidate must be an immersed believer in Christ, and fully support the belief’s of the Church as outlined in our belief statement. LCC is looking for someone who feels a definite call to ministry, and a strong desire to serve Christ.

    The primary responsibilities of the AM will be teaching and preaching, and leading and organizing. The AM will have regular opportunities to preach on Sunday mornings. The AM will have teaching opportunities as classes and groups are organized which the AM would lead. The Church will look to the AM to train and lead volunteers from the Church in serving Christ in an effective way in the congregation and in the community. In addition, when our Senior Minister gets to retirement in a year or 2, the Church will look to the AM as someone who could potentially transition into the Senior Minister role.

    Responsibilities include but not limited to:

    • Working alongside the Sr Min in developing series of messages for Sundays.
    • Helping develop functioning groups and classes in the Church, especially with an emphasis on young adults.
    • The Church would like to increase its effectiveness in community involvement, and would look to the AM to help lead those efforts.
    • Seek to perform ministry under budgetary requirements.
    • Attend and participate in weekly Staff meetings. Function as a team player with other Staff and Church leaders.
    • Attend and support Church functions. The AM will be a cheerleader and champion for LCC.

    Abilities and Skills

    • Able to speak and teach publicly.
    • Able to relate well with people of all ages, temperaments, and backgrounds.
    • LCC is located in a racially diverse area, so ability to relate to and communicate with people from different cultures is crucial.
    • Effective at time management and multitasking.
    • Problem solving skills.
    • Continuing professional development is encouraged and supported.
    • Support from one’s family for a career in ministry is crucial.
    • Solid understanding of the Bible.
    • Leadership and delegation skills.

    What the Church will provide

    • Financial compensation: A salary set by the Elders will be paid the AM on an every-other week basis.
    • Prayer support: Our Congregation and Church leaders will pray for and encourage the AM. The AM will be seen as an important and loved part of the congregation.
    • Assistance and Support of other Church Leaders: The Sr Min and Elders and other Staff will be a part of a team with the AM.
    • Continuing educational opportunities: the Church will help provide time and resources for the AM to participate in seminars, retreats, classes, etc., which can be of benefit to the AM
    Application closes: February 28, 2023

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