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    Job Description

    West End Baptist is seeking a pastor to provide spiritual leadership and oversight to the congregation in order to fulfill our mission of making disciples through the vision that the Lord has given us to establish a healthy community church in the West End Manor Community.

    Duties & Responsibilities

    Lead the development and vision for preaching including series focus, preparation, and scheduling
    Provide the church with a steady diet of biblical preaching that is primarily expositional
    Preach approximately 75% of annual schedule
    Pray faithfully for the church and community
    Ensure that individual and corporate prayer is a priority for the church
    Planning Worship Services
    Plan and orchestrate the weekly worship service
    Work to understand the context of our community and its implications for worship services
    Providing Leadership
    Equip and lead the church to grow in spiritual depth
    Encourage and guide church members to use their spiritual gifts for the advancement of the kingdom
    Leverage and coordinate staff, elders, and volunteers within the church to help accomplish the mission of the church
    Help establish a discipleship structure for believers to grow in spiritual maturity
    Work with the elders to provide wise and skillful leadership for the church
    Effectively and regularly communicate with church members, staff, and elders
    Providing Pastoral Care and Counseling
    Provide wise biblical counsel
    Refer those in need to appropriate resources
    Check in regularly with church members, especially those facing trials or in need
    Follow up with visitors
    Fostering Outreach
    Identify local and global evangelism opportunities
    Seek out opportunities for the church to provide valuable contributions to and help meet the needs in our community
    Building Relationships
    Develop and maintain close and healthy relationships with church members
    Participate, along with family, in one of the church’s community groups
    Establish and nurture relationships with community members and strategic ministry partners


    Must meet the Biblical qualifications as set forth in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:7-9
    Degree from an accredited seminary preferred
    Previous ministry or missionary experience required

    Personal characteristics

    Maintains a vital and growing personal walk with the Lord through committed Bible study, prayer, meditation, and other God-given means of grace
    Loves God, loves the church, and loves lost people
    Loves and prioritizes his family, and is the spiritual leader of his wife and children
    Has a heart for leading people and seeks to develop his leadership skills
    Recognizes need for personal care (hobbies, exercise, rest, personal growth, unplugging, taking a Sabbath, time with family and friends)

    How to apply / application requirements

    Please supply a cover letter, Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume, and 2-3 references by email.
    Accepting applications time frame (discussed Dec. 1-Jan. 31)

    Application closes: January 31, 2023

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