Associate Pastor Part time

@ New Denver Church
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  • Denomination: Non - Denominational
  • Job Category: Associate Pastor
  • Salary Range: $0
  • Date Posted: 3 January 2023
  • Application closes: 30 April 2023
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    Job Description

    Time Commitment: about 28 hours/week (could be flexible) 

    Annual Salary and Benefits: discussed in person

    Reports To: Norton Herbst

    Overall Role 

    This Associate Pastor joins our pastoral team, which currently includes Norton Herbst (Lead Pastor who oversees vision, staff development, and teaching) and Emily Schulz (Associate Pastor who oversees families, women, and discipleship). Three sets of qualifications are essential to this role:


    • You are a follower of Jesus with integrity and moral character as described in biblical passages like 1 Timothy 3:1-11, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Peter 5:1-7 – these passages are not exhaustive lists of specific “check-box” criteria; rather they paint a general picture of someone who is qualified to be a public leader and spiritual example for the local church
    • You have self-awareness about your personality style, temperament, strengths and weaknesses, areas for growth, etc. (for example, you know and understand your Enneagram and Myers-Briggs)
    • You have the spiritual maturity to embrace the mission, core values, and theological ethos of NDC (see for more info)  

    Key Competencies

    • You are outgoing, relational, approachable, and excel at caring for, encouraging, and empowering people
    • You are assertive, forward-thinking, willing to take risks, and can inspire others to do so
    • You can oversee programs and events and ensure they are organized and executed well (even if organizational details are not your primary gift)
    • You are gifted to teach, preach, and communicate vision from time to time (it also need not be your primary gift/competency)

    Areas of Oversight (specific areas of ministry you will likely oversee in addition to general pastoral duties)

    • You are passionate about spiritual formation, discipleship, and small groups
    • You are passionate about local and global outreach, justice, and mission
    • You are passionate about showing hospitality and care for people who are new, disconnected, or in need 

    Additional Job Qualifications

    • Master’s level seminary education
    • A sense of long-term vocational calling to pastoral ministry
    • Previous experience in local church ministry with responsibilities similar to those areas of oversight described above
    • Tech proficiency using a Mac, Google apps, Planning Center apps, etc.
    • Ability to work about 16 hours/week in-person on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sunday mornings (other weekly work can be done off-site, at home, in meetings, etc.) 
    • Adhere to current NDC membership and leadership covenants
    • Regular attendance in worship service and discipleship group

    In Practice

    So, what will this job and its responsibilities look like day-to-day and week-to-week? In general, you will:

    • Meet regularly with our whole staff and the pastoral team to discuss vision, programming, and spiritual health (we meet every week and also do monthly staff lunches and a yearly staff retreat)
    • Meet one-on-one with people in our congregation a few times a week to build relationships and offer pastoral care
    • Help oversee our Discipleship Group (D-Group) ministry which includes recruiting, training, and shepherding leaders; providing resources; and organizing groups
    • Consider new ways to help members of our congregation experience God’s wholeness and grace, possibly through spiritual directors, mentoring, contemplative retreats, support groups, counseling, etc. 
    • Consider new ways to help members of our congregation live out God’s mission to share his love with the lost, least, and last
    • Connect with our local mission partner, Mile High Ministries, and develop pathways for our congregation to support MHM
    • Connect with our global mission partner, Vida Real church and school in Guatemala, and develop pathways for our congregation to support Guatemala
    • Respond to emails, update databases, and do all the administrative stuff necessary to shepherd a community of faith in healthy ways
    • Prepare to preach and/or lead liturgical elements in our worship service from time to time (not every week)
    • Assist with or oversee big events we do infrequently (retreats, workshops, etc.)
    • Pursue your own experience of God’s wholeness and grace by embracing healthy rhythms, continuing education, sabbath rest, etc.
    • Have fun! There are elements of every job that are more dutiful and necessary; but we also strive to match people with roles that will facilitate an overall sense of passion, joy, and fulfillment each week  

    If you are interested in this role and believe the qualifications describe you, please submit a resume and cover letter by email.

    Application closes: April 30, 2023

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