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    Job Description

    Eastpointe Christian Church, a multiethnic church located in a quickly growing suburb of Columbus, Ohio, is seeking a part time Worship Minister. Our ideal candidate is a person of integrity who has a clear and contagious love for both God and his people. This person should be a a team-oriented individual who has a strong musical gifting, definite leadership skills, a solid theology of worship, and a deep knowledge of Scripture. 

    Stylistic considerations include an understanding of and appreciation for a diverse congregation and a sensitivity to the unchurched community. The candidate should have demonstrated skills in leading contemporary worship, developing and directing worship teams, and organizational skills that include oversight of media and tech teams as related to the worship service. This person should also have a college degree, experience in local ministry, technological savvy, and a commitment to excellence. 

    Ministry Description Worship Minister (Part Time)

    The Worship Minister is responsible to develop, plan, and execute an authentic worship experience using music, media, and other creative elements to engage a multiethnic church in a lifestyle of worship. The Worship Minister must have a heart for worship and proven leadership skills. 

    The Worship Minister serves under the leadership of and reports to the Lead Minister. 

    Essential Job Functions 

    1. Support and serve the church in the accomplishment of the church’s overall strategic mission, vision, and purpose.
    2. Work with the Lead Minister to plan, develop, and execute dynamic, engaging, authentic worship experiences by incorporating music, media, and other creative elements. 
    3. Serve as primary worship leader of the worship services. 
    4. Prepare for and lead worship rehearsals and other essential planning functions. 
    5. Work with the other ministry staff members and worship team volunteers to assist in recruiting, mentoring, guiding, and ministering to volunteers in the worship ministry and creative team, including vocalists, musicians, media, and the tech team. 

    Success Factors 

    1. The Worship Arts Minister must have a burning desire to work faithfully and humbly to achieve God’s vision for the church. 
    2. Must serve as a servant leader whose influence with others adds value throughout the organization; exhibiting attitudes of submission, service, thankfulness, and a passion for excellence. 
    3. Must have a clear understanding and fully support the vision for the church with a set of established measurable, goals, and plans. 
    4. Always support the church with honesty, transparency, respect, loyalty, encouragement, patience, and a willingness to assume specific duties as they are assigned. 
    5. Think of the needs of the congregation ahead of any specific tasks. Identify and act upon ideas that enable the church to operate more effectively and better fulfill its vision. 
    6. Approach all situations and interactions with an attitude of grace while not adding to or substituting the truth of God’s word. 

    Key Practices 

    1. Strong leadership skills with experience in leading contemporary worship, with a balanced approach focusing on worship participation over performance. 
    2. Stay current with the relevant trends and best practices with discernment for the needs of the congregation and the advancement of the gospel above all. 
    3. The Worship Minister must live out a life of worship expressed through personal devotion, prayer, study, and an attitude of discipleship toward all. 

    Education and Experience 

    The Worship Minister should have experience leading, coaching, and developing teams, be musically gifted, and have sufficient knowledge of AV technologies. Ideally this person would have a Bachelor’s Degree in music, music ministry, or a related field; academic and practical training in Biblical studies and/or ministry is a plus. The Worship Arts Minister must have a proven track record of effective leadership, judgment, and be above reproach in character. 


    Application deadline closed.

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