Pastor Full Time

@ Grace Christian Reformed Church
  • Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota View on Map
  • Denomination: Christian Reformed
  • Job Category: Pastor / Senior Pastor
  • Date Posted: May 31 2023
  • Application Closed
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    Job Description

    Job description for Pastor at Grace CRC
    In being called to serve as Minister of the Word at Grace Christian Reformed Church, the Pastor shall
    fulfill his or her calling in the following ways:

    Primary Responsibilities: As a Minister of the Word, the Pastor’s primary responsibilities are to faithfully:
    I. Preach the Word
    II. Administer the sacraments
    III. Pray for those entrusted to their care

    Other Responsibilities: These responsibilities are of crucial importance and not to be taken lightly, but can be set aside temporarily as necessary to faithfully execute the primary responsibilities.

    IV. Provide leadership and direction in congregational worship.
    A. Participate in the planning and execution of worship services.
    B. Do all official aspects of the service (greeting, blessing, preaching, sacraments, and enediction)

    V. Discipleship
    A. Teach and help facilitate the education of the faith to all members and attenders of Grace Church. The Pastor will take a special role in preparing young people and adults for Profession of Faith.
    B. Model the Christian life.

    VI. Train members for Christian service
    A. Work alongside council (i.e., elders and deacons) as they learn their tasks, grow in their faith, and serve the congregation.
    B. Help provide and/or coordinate opportunities for Christian service both inside and outside the congregation.
    C. Work alongside congregants as they serve others.

    VII. Be hospitable: welcome members of the congregation and community.

    VIII. Together with the elders, oversee the doctrine and life of the congregation and office bearers;
    A. Carefully observing the beliefs and practices of the members.
    B. Making annual home visits to council members.

    IX. Provide pastoral care
    A. Provide pastoral care for crises, health concerns, and major life transitions within Grace Church and in the community as need arises.
    B. Counseling should be short term with appropriate boundaries, with referrals to relevant professionals as necessary.
    C. Encourage the community to take care of one another in appropriate ways.

    X. Engage in and promote evangelistic ministry.

    XI. Engage in and encourage visioning, goal setting, strategic planning and implementation.

    XI. Represent the church
    A. Denominationally to the congregation, congregationally to the denomination, ecumenically to outside groups, and personally to outsiders and inquirers.
    B. Be an active presence in the community.

    XII. Steward Oneself for continued growth
    A. Propose and complete annual educational activity
    B. Take time regularly for reading, reflection, prayer, retreat, spiritual direction
    C. Participate in a support network that fosters healthy relationships
    D. Have a mentor that is met with regularly
    E. The Pastor will not neglect the health and welfare of his or her family for the sake of the church.
    F. The Pastor will take his or her annual time off and take at least one day off each week

    Application deadline closed.

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