Director of Children’s Ministry Part time

@ Riveroaks Reformed Presbyterian Church
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  • Denomination: Presbyterian - PCA
  • Job Category: Children’s Ministry
  • Date Posted: June 8 2023
  • Application closes: September 30 2023
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    Job Description

    Part Time: (~20 hours per week)
    Reports To: Associate Pastor

    The Director of Children’s Ministry is responsible for providing leadership, vision, oversight, administration, planning, and the smooth and safe operational execution of Riveroaks’ children’s ministry (Riveroaks Kids). This person isthe primary point of contact for new and existing familiesfor all things related to children within Riveroaks Reformed Presbyterian Church (RRPC). The Director is responsible for the development and oversight of all aspects of Riveroaks Kids, including Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday programs, outreach events,summer activities and nursery, as well as cross functional coordination with other Riveroaks’ staff members, volunteers, families, and church committees that participate in the children’s ministry. The Director is the senior leader of
    the Children’s Ministry Committee and works closely with the committee to ensure the successful implementation and execution of the annual business plan and support for Riveroaks families.

    Riveroaks Kids seeks to come alongside parents in the nurture and instruction of their children. This ministry works, prays, and hopes to see children (1) enjoy the embrace of God the Father and the gift of life that he gives to his children; (2) understand the message of God’s Word through systematic instruction, that they might believe and live as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ; and (3) take the message of the Gospel into the world, as Christ commanded us.

    Personal Characteristics of the Director:
    ● Exhibits a personal and growing relationship with God.
    ● Gifted and called to serve and intentional in building relationships with RRPC children and families and invested in their spiritual development
    ● Has a vision for developing a children’s ministry that reflects best practices and aligns with the mission and values of the church.
    ● Works collaboratively with others and serves with a joyfulspirit.
    ● Exhibits ownership in all things and a desire to grow spiritually and professionally for the benefit of Christ’s church.

    Qualifications & Requirements:
    ● Committed follower of the Lord Jesus Christ
    ● Current or prospective member of Riveroaks and engaged in the church by participating in church services, programs, and events.
    ● Love for children and their families
    ● Strong interpersonal and organizationalskills and a clear communicator
    ● Proficient with computer programs and other technology
    ● Demonstrated ability to work through conflict
    ● Understanding and agreement with Reformed theology as summarized in The Westminster Confession of Faith
    ● Leadership and administrative experience in children’s ministry and/or education

    ● Set the vision for our ministry and communicate it to young families
    ● Lead the Riveroaks Kids Leadership Team
    ● Develop and execute annual Riveroaks Kids business plan, budget, and calendar of events in partnership with the Children’s Ministry Committee
    ● Work with the Associate Pastor and the Riveroaks Kids Leadership Team to review and select curriculums for all children’s classes
    ● Organize Riveroaks Kids events in accordance with business plan
    ● Lead the team that organizes and executes Vacation Bible School
    ● Regularly communicate with parents of young children about the vision and goals of Riveroaks Kids, as well as upcoming events
    ● Develops a supportive relationship with children and families and equips guardians and parents to be spiritual leaders in their home.
    ● Along with Associate Pastor and Nursery Director, maintain updated list of approved volunteer background checks
    ● Attend staff meetings
    ● Work with Nursery Coordinator to monitor goals and transitionsto Riveroaks Kids
    ● Educate church members about the vision for Riveroaks Kids
    ● Meet with Early Childhood Committee and Children’s Ministry Committee to select and evaluate curriculum
    ● Maintain current rosters/ databases of children

    ● Hire additional paid adult staff as needed, recruit congregational volunteers, and ensure adult/child ratios are met
    ● Comply with Riveroaks Kids Policies and Procedures, including restriction on hiring or utilizing paid and/or volunteer staff that are related.
    ● Recruit, train, and coordinate volunteersto teach all children’s classes
    ● Conduct background checks and call referencesfor new hires and volunteers.
    ● Initiate and follow-up on Ministry Safe training with staff & volunteers annually
    ● Provide new Riveroaks Kids staff with RRPC employment handbook
    ● Train staff and volunteers in curriculum, enrichment activities, classroom management, etc.
    ● Work with the HR Committee/Staff Care Committee on conducting yearly reviews of paid staff
    ● Communicate staff or program issues that may arise to Associate Pastor
    ● Purchase and organize suppliesfor lessons.

    Children’s Ministry Environment & Family Support
    ● Coordinate with teachers, existing and new families, and nursery to ensure an organized and streamlined flow of the Sunday School experience.
    ● Purchase and stock classrooms and nursery with health and cleaning supplies.
    ● Work with the Facilities Manager and Diaconate to evaluate and schedule any maintenance or repairs.
    ● Provide encouragement, prayer, and support to RRPC families and children.
    ● Equip familiesto be the spiritual leadersin their home by offering resources and training.
    ● Work with the Children’s Ministry Committee to review family resources.
    ● Post regular communications regarding events and resources for families.

    ● Work with the Safety & Security Committee to provide training on safety procedures, emergency evacuations and basic injury care
    ● Train teachers and nursery volunteers on check-in/checkout procedures and enforcement
    ● Provide training on allergy recognition and other emergency responses,such as CPR
    ● Maintain classrooms- allergy and medical notices and emergency kits and supplies
    ● Monitor Children’s Ministry area for safety concerns and ensure that all safety protocols are followed and enforced with paid staff and volunteer.

    ● Practice stewardship of children’s ministry budget and monitor monthly expenses
    ● Provide the Office Administrator with previous month’s receipts by the first day of each month
    ● Evaluate and prioritize the needs of the ministry and track business plan goals with the Children’s Ministry Committee
    ● Prepare proposals for ministry needs and submit them to the Associate Pastor
    ● Work with the Children’s Ministry Committee on budget preparation and submission to the Diaconate

    Applicants should send inquiries and resumes by email.

    Application closes: September 30, 2023

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