Senior Pastor Part time

@ First Presbyterian Church in Siloam
  • Siloam Springs, Arkansas View on Map
  • Denomination: Presbyterian - EPC
  • Job Category: Pastor / Senior Pastor
  • Date Posted: June 9 2023
  • Application closes: September 30 2023
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    Job Description


    The Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church will lead the church in carrying out its mission to glorify God by participating with Him in the transformation of our lives, the community of believers, and our world. This will be done by overseeing and developing the ministry of First Presbyterian Church in such a way that is aligned with the authoritative Word of God and the constitution of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, in accordance with the church’s distinctive core values and ministry commitments as detailed by the Mission, Vision, and Values statement.


    First Presbyterian Church of Siloam Springs subscribes fully to the guidance of The Book of Order of   the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, which summarizes the Authority and Responsibility of Teaching. Accordingly, the Senior Pastor shall carry out his or her responsibilities with specific attention to the following: 


    • To preach expositional sermons covering both the Old and New Testament of the Bible
    • To challenge believers in relevant and practical ways toward obedience and submission to the Lord
    • To present the gospel so that the unsaved will understand 
    • To devote time to prayer, Bible study and continuing education
    • To provide preaching that reflects in-depth Scripture study and orthodox theology, and demonstrate a maturity that comes with putting preaching into practice in family and congregational relationships

    Worship and Celebration of Sacraments

    In partnership with church staff the Senior Pastor will:

    • Provide core leadership for regular Sunday worship services, incorporating the gifts of liturgists, musicians, associate pastors, elders, guest speakers, etc. as appropriate for effective corporate worship that is God-honoring, Christ-focused, strengthening, and encouraging 
    • Faithfully celebrate the Sacraments of the Lord’s Supper and baptism
    • Provide for both practical and spiritual training for all lay-persons who help to lead church worship services
    • Select qualified and appropriate substitutes to fill the pulpit when absent
    • Oversee weddings, funerals, and other special events appropriate to the life of the church

    Education and Nurture

    • To give direction and support to the Director of Family Ministry & Christian Education, keeping every ministry focused on Christ
    • To actively engage, in meaningful ways, with the education and spiritual nurture of all age groups within the congregation
    • To serve an active role in supporting Christian Education and activities for children and youth, including communicating well with children in worship through weekly children’s sermons
    • To ensure that all teaching and discipleship carried out in the church is doctrinally sound, and effective instruction for living a fruitful Christian life in the world
    • To work with the Ruling Elders and other congregational leaders to encourage and develop a culture of lay ministry within the congregation 
    • To actively mentor Associate, Assistant, and/or Youth Pastors towards greater maturity, judgment and leadership abilities, preparing them for possible wider ministry roles in the future
    • To thoroughly and effectively train all new Elders in accordance to the Book of Government

    Pastoral Responsibilities

    • To oversee the provision of pastoral care for the church, in cooperation with the Session and pastoral staff, including home and hospital visitation, pastoral counseling, and crisis intervention 
    • To value the age diversity in the congregation and demonstrate ability to relate to and minister to all ages and across all social/educational/economic demographics
    • To work as a team builder; to interact with members out of a collegial, egalitarian, servant-leadership style; and to serve the congregation by helping it fulfill its God-given ministries
    • To model, encourage, and promote an overarching practice of prayer in and for the congregation – corporately, in small groups, in homes, and as individuals

    Administrative and Jurisdictional Duties

    • With the Ruling Elders, oversee the pastoral and administrative staff in carrying out the various ministries of the church
    • To assist the Session in carrying out its leadership responsibilities within the church and beyond its walls by:
      • Serving as Moderator of the Session, setting forth and carrying out meeting agendas, providing input and guidance, and serving as a voting member 
      • Modeling a strong reliance on guidance from the Holy Spirit and a clear commitment to consensus-building 
      • Leading the Session in ongoing discernment of the distinctive ministries to which the congregation is called and the defining values that should characterize the congregation’s common life
      • Serving in a consulting role for each of the session committees, providing guidance, expertise and advice as needed
    • To clearly model a Christian ethic in all day-to-day business dealings and stewardship issues of the church

    Denominational and Presbytery Responsibilities

    • To lead the Session and congregation to active involvement in the broader activities and ministries of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church denomination and in strong support of EPC/Presbytery missions, outreach, and prayer efforts
    • To actively and enthusiastically represent First Presbyterian Church of Siloam Springs in the EPC Presbytery of which the church is a part
    • To seek personal participation within the Presbytery and General Assembly, where his or her spiritual and professional giftedness may best serve the denomination and the local congregation (for example, in committee, consulting, and/or leadership roles)

    Community/Outreach Duties

    • To be forward thinking and creative in leading the congregation
    • To instill and develop a congregational vision for growth towards greater ethnic, educational and economic diversity
    • To promote and expand the ministry of First Presbyterian Church in the larger community of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, and throughout the world
    • To establish and maintain First Presbyterian Church as a leader in the local community for meeting the needs of its residents by supporting and participating in worthy local causes sponsored by non-profit and para-church organizations
    • To participate in ecumenical activities in the community of Siloam Springs, and to encourage the same in the congregation as a whole


    The Book of Order of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church summarizes the Qualifications of Officers (including Teaching Elders). Accordingly, the Senior Pastor must meet the qualifications for an Elder given in 1 Timothy 3:1-13, Titus 1:6-9 and 1 Peter 5:2-3. These qualifications deal with many areas of personal life, which are critical for fitness to serve as a leader in the church.


    • A formal seminary education, having achieved a Master of Divinity (or the equivalent) or greater

    Denominational Affiliation

    • Ordained in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church denomination
    • In agreement with and supportive of the Westminster Confession of Faith and the EPC Essentials of Our Faith, and committed to abiding by the EPC Book of Order

    Biblical Preaching/Teaching

    • Expository preaching and teaching that are scripturally based, theologically sound, culturally relevant, practical for daily living and engaging to the audience
    • Commitment to the sufficiency and authority of the Scriptures, while recognizing and affirming acceptable differences in interpretation and application within the body

     Christian Education Philosophy and Practice

    • An ongoing commitment to continued personal education and training, and actively encourage the same in the pastoral staff and church leadership
    • Committed to an ongoing and strong program of Christian Education for all age groups and interests within the congregation
    • Understanding of the Senior Pastor role in the planning and execution of the Christian Education component of the church ministry (including teaching and/or leadership)

    Leadership Style

    • Committed to the Presbyterian model of joint leadership and ministry with the Ruling Elders; skilled in Moderator responsibilities and leadership of the Session in conducting the ministry and “business” of the church.

    Possess experience and sound theological training, demonstrate strong preaching and teaching gifts, provide sound scriptural application, and be committed to both individual and congregational transformation based on the Word of God.

    Be a confident, humble, and compassionate leader, who recruits, trains, motivates and manages others to develop and extend their talents and abilities to serve both inside and outside the church.

    Connect and interact well with all generations within the congregation, and with other groups and churches within the Siloam Springs area. We are looking for someone with a “heart for the community,” who demonstrates this in all interactions and relationships. FPC exists in a racially and ethnically diverse area and we want this to be reflected in our community of believers.

    Focus on connecting well with and being able to manage and lead staff, volunteers, programs, and finances and continue to create a compelling vision for the ongoing development of FPC and our members.

    Care for loved ones, develop healthy relationships within the church and connect comfortably with neighbors. In these ways demonstrate the truth of the gospel and reality of the call to ministry.

    To apply, please send a cover letter and resume by email.

    Application closes: September 30, 2023

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