Youth Pastor Part time

@ CrossRoads Baptist Church in Daytona Beach
  • Daytona Beach, Florida View on Map
  • Denomination: Baptist
  • Job Category: Youth & Teen Ministry
  • Date Posted: June 27 2023
  • Application closes: September 30 2023
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    Job Description

    ·  Job Requirements: 

    Qualification Standards
    A. General Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Requires the ability to distinguish letters and symbols; requires normal vision and hearing. A good command of the English language is required, both written and verbal. Requires eye-hand coordination, the understanding and ability to use computers, calculators, and spreadsheets.
    B. Education: High School Diploma; College degree or work experience equivalent preferred.
    C. Preferred status: Married and between 22 to 52 years of age.
    D. Experience:
    1. Leading youth ministry and worship preferred.
    E. Affiliations: Must be a CrossRoads member in good standing and support the purpose, mission, vision, and strategy of CrossRoads.

    Essential Job Functions
    The employee must be able to perform these essential functions with or without reasonable accommodations made by CrossRoads without posing threat to self or others.

    ·   Job Description:

    I. Youth (6th – 12th grade)
    A. Weekly Youth Night
    1. Oversee the entire program, developing an environment where youth will invite their unsaved friends each week.
    2. Responsibilities
    a. Make sure this ministry is properly staffed.
    b. Recruit new volunteers, as needed, to maintain and grow the ministry.
    c. Train new leaders.
    d. Ensure that all youth workers have been properly screened to work with youth and a copy of our Guidelines for “Working with Children” has been given and that we have a signed copy on file.
    e. Develop new ways to attract and involve youth in the group
    g. Equip and oversee leaders to fill various positions.
    (1) Food
    (2) Attendance Taking
    (3) Clean-up
    (4) A/V Team
    (5) Worship Team
    h. Prepare messages and preach weekly to the youth
    i. Preview and write curriculum for small groups, carefully watching for doctrinal stances, Bible content, user-friendliness, and applicability to daily lives.
    j. Provide to the Executive Pastor or Lead Pastor a weekly report of youth saved, new youth attending, new youth returning, and home visit activity.
    B. Weekly Small Groups
    1. Oversee Small Group leaders
    a. Ensure leaders are trained and equipped for small group leading
    b. Encourage leaders to follow-up on absentees in addition to the youth director/pastor.
    c. Have quarterly meetings with small group leaders to review curriculum, lessons, or series.
    C. Develop a calendar of activities and events to fulfill the purpose of the ministry.
    1. Plan your calendar for the upcoming year no later than the October prior to the New Year.
    a. Hold at least one large group activity per month.
    b. Encourage small group leaders to have quarterly activities.
    c. Have an annual activity or parenting class with parents and youth together.
    2. Organize an annual Spring event.
    3. Organize an annual Youth summer camp trip.
    4. Recruit volunteers for all activities (1 adult per 8 youth)
    D. Administration
    1. Maintain complete and accurate records of all areas of the youth ministry (attendance, activities, resources, etc.) utilizing CCB as much as possible.
    2. Encourage leaders with texts, emails, calls visits and/or cards on a regular basis.
    3. Responsibilities:
    a. Prepare an annual budget in October for church approval.
    b. Stay within budget in all areas.
    c. Oversee the youth in CCB. Keep information current and up to date.
    d. Meet regularly with leaders to convey your ministry vision and direction.
    E. Visitation
    1. Visit all first-time youth visitors weekly.
    2. Visit and call absentee youths.
    3. Attend Christian clubs in the area high schools and middle schools.
    F. Missions
    1. Organize an annual mission trip for high school youth.
    2. Use fundraising efforts to help with finances.
    G. Spiritual Growth
    1. Plan a strategy to regularly present the plan of salvation to students.
    2. Offer baptism opportunities.
    3. Offer 1-on-1 or group discipleship.
    4. Offer opportunities for service together in church-wide events and in the community.
    II. Other Responsibilities
    A. This position will also include allocating some hours each week in an area of ministry in which is suitable for the employee such as Maintenance or Coffee House or Music Ministry or Missions or Sports Ministry.
    B. Attend all staff meetings and be a team player.
    C. Help the Lead Pastor with any visits/projects he may assign (hospital, first-time visitors, member care, funerals, etc.)
    D. Assist in any other areas assigned by the Executive or Lead Pastor.

    ·   Contact Person: Rich Costanza

    Application closes: September 30, 2023

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