Associate Pastor of Outreach and Missions Part time

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    Job Description

    Position Summary
    Our discipleship strategy at Southport Presbyterian Church is to Look Up, Lean In, and Move Out. We want our congregation to Look Up and find their ultimate hope and affection in God, to Lean In and develop trusting, gospel-centered relationships within the community of faith, and then Move Out into our diverse community and trust Jesus to use them in the lives of others.

    The three pastors will work in a collaborative manner to achieve our discipleship strategy. The Senior Pastor’s primary focus is Looking Up and the Associate Pastor of Discipleship’s primary focus is Leaning In. The Associate Pastor of Outreach and Missions will help us develop structures related to the Moving Out component of our strategy and discipling our congregation to have a heart for those outside the church.

    Responsibilities for the Associate Pastor of Outreach and Missions include the following:
    ● growing and leading a volunteer engagement team,
    ● providing leadership to our four family fun events each year,
    ● equipping and training us to relevantly spread the gospel on the Southside of Indianapolis and around the world,
    ● strengthening our relationships with strategic partners (Mary Bryan Elementary School, Shepherd Community Center, etc.),
    ● helping us to improve our outreach to young families in our diverse community including families whose children are in our Welcome Place Childcare, and
    ● overseeing our Global Missions Team.

    Since this is a new position, the ideal candidate will have strong process-building skills as we are creating new ministry processes. This person will also assist with other pastoral duties (preaching, weddings, funerals, etc.).

    It is imperative that the Associate Pastor of Outreach and Missions profess a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and agree with the tenets of Reformed Theology and the constitution of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC).

    Education Requirements
    1. Holds or is near completion of an earned Master of Divinity degree or equivalent from an accredited seminary.
    2. Is ordained, or is willing and able to be ordained, as a teaching elder in the EPC.

    Required Professional and Personal Values
    1. Demonstrates Christian character: Possesses and demonstrates biblical Christian character (e.g., fruit of the Spirit, qualifications of an elder, etc.), has a heart for ministry, a desire to grow spiritually, and a passion to serve the Lord.
    2. Passion for the unchurched: This person does not need to be a missionary or an evangelist, but must have a desire for nonbelievers to come to know Jesus and will seek to pass this along to our congregation so that they might grow in their passion to reach out to others.
    3. Demonstrates a commitment to cooperating in a team environment: Prefers to work in a collaborative, team-based environment while submitting to the authority of the Senior Pastor and Session. Thrives on building consensus, productive partnerships, and supportive coalitions.
    4. Willingness to establish roots in the church and community: Desires to invest time in growing with Southport Presbyterian and to support the church’s ministries over several years.

    Required Skills/Experience
    1. Cultural intelligence: Has a strong awareness of what is going on outside the walls of the church. He/she understands the mindset of nonbelievers and how to communicate the gospel with them. This person also understands and has compassion toward the complexities of underrepresented people living within a changing community.
    2. Team builder/mobilizer: Oversees our outreach ministries with the ability to engage church members and build teams of volunteers. Possesses strong organizational skills necessary to motivate and mobilize volunteers.
    3. Oral and written communication skills: Must be able to communicate clearly with others.
    4. Organized/self-starter: Ability to manage their own schedule and get things done in a timely manner.
    5. Process builder: Must possess the ability to develop, grow and sustain new processes related to our outreach ministries.

    Supervisory Responsibilities
    There may be opportunities in the future for supervising staff.

    Job Complexity
    The work requires substantial leadership and judgment in developing, conforming with, and enforcing policies and procedures impacting Southport Presbyterian’s ministries and reputation within the near community and city. The Associate Pastor of Outreach and Mission must possess the skills to administer well-established procedures when resolving issues and appropriately handling sensitive and confidential information.

    Environment and Conditions
    The Associate Pastor will spend the majority of his/her time developing, maintaining, and conducting church ministry functions and a portion of time in an operational and supervisory capacity. The purpose of these functions is to fulfill Southport Presbyterian’s ministry needs and provide abundant opportunities to introduce the community to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

    The Associate Pastor of Outreach and Missions will spend a portion of his/her time in a private office and a portion engaging with the community. This person will rarely be required to lift any weight greater than 30 pounds. This person will use standard office equipment and productivity software in the typical course of his/her work. This person will utilize Southport Presbyterian’s policy manuals.

    To apply for this position, please send a resume, cover letter, and the EPC’s Personal Information Form by email.

    Application closes: September 30, 2023

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