Youth Director Part time

@ New Life UMC
  • Midlothian, Virginia View on Map
  • Denomination: Methodist - UMC
  • Job Category: Youth & Teen Ministry
  • Date Posted: July 18 2023
  • Application closes: October 31 2023
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    Job Description

    The Youth Director is responsible for leading a growing ministry for youth in grades 7 – 12, providing Christian-based, enthusiastic
    leadership to recruit, support, and maintain participation of youth. The Youth Director will partner and collaborate with church
    staff and ministry teams, and provide leadership to recruit, train and support volunteers. Communication with youth and parents
    is essential to the success and growth of the ministry. This flexible position can be either a 12 or 20 hour per week job and will be
    compensated at a rate of $19/hr.

    Job Requirements
    ● Must be well-grounded in the Christian faith, have a deep personal relationship with Christ, and have a personal theology which is in synchronicity with the United Methodist belief and polity.
    ● Must be nurturing, caring and patient. Excellent listening skills are essential.
    ● Must have strong interpersonal skills with children, youth, and adults.
    ● Must be able to manage the creation, planning, implementation of youth ministries and prioritize the tasks for multiple projects simultaneously.
    ● Must possess effective communication skills and be able to articulate the Christian faith.
    ● Must understand himself/herself as a part of a larger staff and be supportive of all ministries of the church.

    Duties and Responsibilities
    ▪ Work in partnership with the Discipleship Director to develop weekly growth-oriented ministries, and subsequently to lead those ministries.
    ▪ Develop a relationship with youth to encourage a deeper relationship with Christ. This can be done by personal interactions to include, but not limited to youth Life Groups, virtual/zoom meetings, social media, *one-on-one and informal get-togethers, and attending youth’s activities outside of church.
    ▪ Encourage and equip the youth to be leaders at church as well as in the community, guiding them and praying for how God has gifted each one.
    ▪ Recruit, coordinate, equip, and support adult volunteers to sponsor activities. When appropriate, partner with Christian groups from other churches.
    ▪ Establish a process for planning, announcing, and implementing the activity, so volunteers have a clear understanding of
    ▪ Meet with the Youth Ministry Team at least quarterly to plan upcoming events.
    ▪ Communicate effectively with members of the youth group and their parents through a variety of methods such as text, call, email, website, social media, etc.
    ▪ Collaborate with the Engagement Director to identify and/or develop quarterly mission opportunities for youth. Take the lead for those opportunities, from communicating with parents and youth to leading on the day of the event.
    ▪ Maintain a comfortable one-on-one relationship with New Life’s families. Contact those who are inactive, or have been missing for more than three weeks, by communicating upcoming activities and continuing to invite them to activities. Update and revise youth directory information as necessary.

    ▪ Work within the designated church budget and monitor expenses.
    ▪ *Attend weekly staff meetings and weekly one-on-one meetings with the Pastor to coordinate youth ministry with the
    entire church calendar.
    ▪ Arrange and participate in meetings with the Youth Ministry Team.
    ▪ Attend monthly Church Council meetings and give a Youth Ministry Report.
    ▪ All other tasks deemed appropriate by the Pastor.

    1. Well grounded in the Christian faith, the Bible and have a personal theology which is in synchronicity with United
    Methodist beliefs and polity.
    2. Openly and lovingly articulate the Christian faith and possess a passion for others to grow in their relationship with God.
    3. Possess strong interpersonal skills with children, youth, and adults.
    4. Team oriented and excellence motivated.
    5. Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.

    1. Highly professional, Christian behavior is expected at all times.
    2. Dress code should be appropriate to the situation.
    3. Personal life must reflect a high ethical, Christian standard.
    4. No alcohol or tobacco use during church functions or on church grounds.

    1. Position will be supervised directly by the Pastor.
    2. Job performance is accountable to the Staff Parish Relations Committee.
    3. Job performance assessment will be made annually.
    4. After the first 90 days of employment an evaluation will be made by the Staff Parish Relations Committee or the Pastor.

    Background and Disclosures
    1. Acceptable background check shall be conducted on all newly hired staff at New Life Church; and shall include, but not
    be limited to the Virginia State Police criminal and sex offender check.
    2. Must read, agree to and sign the New Life Policy Handbook.
    3. Must read, agree to and sign Child Protection Policy.
    4. Must read, agree to and sign Technology Policy.
    5. Must read, agree to and sign Social Media Policy.
    6. Must sign a statement of understanding that membership (or regularly attending) New Life Church does not provide any
    guarantee of employment.

    Application closes: October 31, 2023

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