Minister to Senior Adults Full Time

@ Harrisburg Baptist Church
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  • Denomination: Baptist - SBC
  • Job Category: Pastor / Senior Pastor
  • Date Posted: August 3 2023
  • Application closes: November 30 2023
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    Job Description

    Position Summary

    The Minister of Senior Adults is responsible for a growing ministry to and through our senior adults. This position is vital to the health and growth of Harrisburg Baptist Church. The ideal candidate has a love for the older generation and a desire for them to leverage their gifts, talents, and time for the glory of God.

    As a part of the Discipleship Team, the Minister of Senior Adults oversees all aspects of the ministry to senior adults. This includes Sunday school, equipping classes, ministry and service opportunities, and missions.

    In addition this position is responsible for nurturing relationships between senior adults through fellowship and multi-generational events. The Minister of Senior Adults understands the varied needs of senior adults and desires to see them connected to one another and to the younger generations of the church.

    As you read through the job description you will see a percentage next to the sections. At HBC the percentages are not meant to reflect the way a minister might divide up his or her hours, instead these help us to communicate the weight, or priority of our ministries.

    Plan, Coordinate, and Execute Weekly Ministries (20-30%)

    The weekly ministries of the church are the foundation of the ministry and require the most attention. Weekly ministries include Sunday morning and night, Wednesday night, and the various aspects that make them successful.

    Weekly ministries involve more than just the program time, they also include making sure the following are taken care of:

    Care & Visitation | Routinely visit with senior adults in their homes, assisted living, and nursing facilities. Utilizing our people software, Realm, develop a process for following up with those who visit or when they are absent. In addition this position will participate in the weekly pastoral care rotation of hospital visitation for our members.

    Relationships & Communication | Communicate ministry plans and opportunities and  build relationships with senior adults. Provide counsel and encouragement to those in the ministry as they seek to follow the Lord and use their gifts for serving at Harrisburg.

    Volunteers | Recruiting, training, coordinating, and communicating with volunteers. This includes helping members of Harrisburg to serve by using their gifts and talents to serve within the church and its ministries; and to share the Gospel with those in the older generations of our community and church.

    Discipleship Pathway & Curriculum | Coordinate the senior adult ministry programs and Bible studies with the rest of the Discipleship Team. Ensure senior adult ministry curriculum is theologically aligned with Harrisburg Baptist Church

    Hospitality and Assimilation | Coordinate with the hospitality ministry of the church to ensure follow up to senior adults and help them connect to Sunday school classes and ministry opportunities.

    Transportation | Oversee and assist with transportation needs of some seniors to and from worship services and church events on Sunday and Wednesday. This includes recruiting other men and women to help with driving the buses as a part of this ministry.

    Missions, Ministry, & Equipping (20-30%)

    Senior adults have an incredible amount to give in ministry and missions. As a result, the senior adult ministry emphasizes ongoing mission, ministry, and equipping classes focused on our older members.

    Missions | In coordination with the Missions Pastor plan and provide regular opportunities for senior adults to leverage their stage of life for the kingdom and the glory of God.

    Worship & Music | In coordination with the Worship Pastor, support and participate in the worship ministry of the Heritage Singers and assist in planning opportunities for them to use the music to spread the gospel.

    Sunday School Classes | In coordination with the Discipleship Pastor work with Sunday school teachers and classes made up of senior adults to help Harrisburg accomplish its mission and vision.

    Equipping Ministry| In coordination with the Discipleship Pastor, plan and teach equipping classes targeted at the spiritual and specific needs of our growing senior adult ministry.

    Deacons | In conjunction and coordination with the Chairman of Deacons, assist in the care and ministry plan for widows and widowers. This includes assisting in planning the annual widow and widower banquet, fellowships, and serving as a resource for deacons as they care and minister to their assigned widows and widowers.

    Management | Plan, submit, and manage the annual budget for senior adult ministry.

    Plan, Coordinate, and Execute Events and Experiences (10-20%)

    Events and experiences include but are not limited to retreats, conferences, trips, fellowships, and mission opportunities.

    Outreach | Plan regular opportunities to invite and engage lost and unchurched Senior adults and their families with the gospel.

    Fellowship | Plan regular opportunities for our Senior adults to connect and build relationships with one another, and work to keep a growing relationship between our senior adults and the younger generations of the church.

    Senior Adult Ministry Leadership Team | Plan and coordinate ministry, fellowships, and events with the Senior Adult Leadership Team (SALT).  Build and grow the leadership team and empower them to execute various events and ministry opportunities throughout the year.

    Measure | Perform regular evaluations of ministry and events with the SALT and Discipleship Pastor by taking into account (SWOT) Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Targets. Take each opportunity to be more effective to the stated goal of the event or experience the next time.

    Deacons | In conjunction and coordination with the Chairman of Deacons, assist in the care and ministry plan for widows and widowers. This includes assisting in planning the annual widow and widower banquet, fellowships, and serving as a resource for deacons as they care and minister to their assigned widows and widowers.

    Equipping Volunteers and Developing Leaders (10-20%)

    One of the primary tasks of ministry is to equip and develop those who serve in the ministries of the church.

    Training & Equipping | As a part of our leadership pipeline at HBC recruit, train, and develop senior adults to serve as ministry team members, leaders, and volunteers in the many areas of ministry and missions in the church. This includes senior adult specific volunteer opportunities.

    Senior Adult Ministry Leadership Team | Work with and through the Senior Adult Ministry Leadership Team (SALT) to build the ministry and develop teams to lead in the many weekly ministries and special events. For example, the SALT can help with ideas, organization, planning, and implementing the many ministries for Senior Adults.

    Personal & Professional Growth (10%)

    Personal | Cultivate and maintain a healthy spiritual life that includes private prayer, worship, studying the Word, and applying the gospel to your life and family. We believe that you are a member of our church as much as you are on staff, and as a result we expect for all of our staff members to prioritize our weekly worship services and coordinate with their teams and staff relationships so they can worship on Sunday.

    Professional | Continue growing and developing as a minister through conferences, books, classes, podcasts, and networks.

    Education & Experience

    Bachelor’s degree and a seminary degree from an accredited seminary are required. Candidates currently pursuing a seminary degree will be considered.

    Minimum of 10 years of ministry experience in the church as an associate pastor, education minister, or an equivalent occupation is preferred. (Examples would be missionary chaplain, hospital or hospice chaplain, etc)

    Able to articulate a clear call to ministry to the senior adult ministry at Harrisburg Baptist Church.

    Personal Characteristics

    Possess strong foundational knowledge of the Bible and an understanding of ministry and mission in the church.

    Have a heart for visiting and ministering to senior adults in their homes, hospitals, and times of need.

    Affirm a clear call to serve in the local church and a commitment to the varied expressions of the ministry to senior adults.

    Be committed to working as a part of the team.

    A self-motivated individual that can balance the day-to-day demands of ministry with the mission and vision of the church.

    Reporting Relationships: 

    Reports directly to the Discipleship Pastor
    Works in partnership with the Discipleship Team
    Directly oversees the Senior Adult Ministry Assistant

    Compensation & Benefits

    Harrisburg has a competitive benefits package for this position that includes Health Insurance (Family), Matching Retirement Contribution (up to 5%), and Paid Vacation.

    The salary range for this position is available early during the interview process and is competitive and dependent on experience and education.

    Application closes: November 30, 2023

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