Job Summary:

Working with Pastor Matt Sidley, the Worship Arts Director will give oversight and coordination to the worship ministry so as to provide the spiritual leadership for Sunday morning worship.


  • Provide servant spiritual leadership, administration and organization for the worship team and tech team, musicians and vocalists for optimal worship experience.
  • Includes communication, coordination and preparation of the various teams, musicians, and vocalists for church services and activities. Includes oversight of all technical aspects of the live (in-house) and online streamed worship service.
  • In cooperation with the pastor, pray for and cast a vision regarding the worship arts place in the mission of the church.
  • In cooperation with the pastor, develop a plan to provide a dynamic weekly worship experience for our worship service attenders.
  • Identify, recruit, train and disciple worship ministry members and teams.
  • Give counsel and assistance concerning the maintenance and purchase of equipment needed for the worship arts ministries (music, technical, etc.).
  • Responsibly oversee the financial aspects of the worship arts ministries.
  • Reports to the Lead Pastor.
  • Other responsibilities mutually agreed upon with the pastor.

Enjoy doing this! You are expected to be creative, to try new directions, to fail sometimes and to learn through the slip-ups.


  • Have a vital and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Proficiency in guitar/piano/vocal ability.
  • Willingness to learn and utilize planning center, proclaim, music stand and OBS.
  • Be Spirit filled… as evidenced by the fruit of the Holy Spirit per Galatians 5.
  • Be self-motivated and able to serve in a team-based congregation.
  • Show behavior and character traits evidenced in I Timothy and Titus for spiritual leaders.
  • Truthfulness: Being willing to speak the truth in love while being careful to speak in a way that builds up the body of the church.

Part Time Position: Approximately 10 hours a week… in addition to church service times.

$250 weekly remuneration, to be reviewed after the first 90 days. This is directly deposited bi-monthly.

Mileage to/from home office will be reimbursed per current IRS guidelines.

Flexible work schedule to be worked out with the pastor.

Generally, apart from Sunday responsibilities, there will be a weekly meeting with the pastor to coordinate worship service directions and interact regarding the ministry; and about one meeting per week to work with the worship team in preparation for the weekend.

You may also be invited to meet with the Elder Board as able and as needed.

1-week paid vacation and other time off as agreed upon with the pastor.

2 paid Sundays off, up to 4 additional Sunday’s w/o reimbursement. Additional Sundays off would need to be approved by the Elders.

We want you to be available for other worship leadership opportunities while serving with McMicken.

Employment Agreement

This position involves servant leadership skills, ministry skills and a heart for ministry.  It also requires a strong devotion to Christianity, Holy Scripture, Jesus Christ and this local church body.

Additional Responsibilities Include

Be committed to pray and read God’s Word, seeking his will on a daily basis.

Be faithful to attend ministry team meetings.  (Please inform the pastor if an unavoidable conflict occurs.)

Be a team player with the pastor and Elder board in hearing from God, discuss ministry direction and administrating the work of the church.

Be a positive influence in our church family for Jesus Christ.  Do your very best to help us all succeed.

Stand together in Scriptural unity with the Pastor and Elders.  Once a vote or decision is made, commit to support that decision.

Be a steward of God’s time, money and talent.


Interested applicants are requested to send their resume to Pastor Matt by email. Please include links to any videos of your musical talents, performances, or worship services led. Interviews will be scheduled upon receiving applications.