Youth Pastor or Director Full Time

@ Maranatha CRC in York
  • York, Ontario View on Map
  • Denomination: Christian Reformed
  • Job Category: Youth & Teen Ministry
  • Date Posted: September 7 2023
  • Application closes: December 31 2023
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    Job Description

    Maranatha Christian Reformed Church of York, Ontario has an immediate opening for a Youth Pastor or Director.

    Maranatha is a congregation that is blessed with a large group of young families and are looking for someone to help shepherd our youth and lead them to know our Lord. If God is calling you to youth ministry, we invite you to explore that with us.

    With a love for the Lord, the Youth Pastor/Director of York Maranatha Christian Reformed Church is called to expand and empower the development, direction and education of the youth and young adult ministries of the church. With an emphasis on youth, this Ordained Pastor (or may be Non-Ordained as a Director) will facilitate spiritual growth within our membership through development and integration of various youth church programs.

    Mandate of the Full-Time Youth Director
    The Youth Pastor/Director is to be the person whose primary purpose in ministry is to help lead youth and young adults into a closer relationship with God. It is our prayer that this relationship in turn will lead them to an acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as Lord of their life and to Profession of Faith. The Youth Pastor/Director will do this by providing relational leadership in developing and directing youth ministry programming at York Maranatha Christian Reformed Church.

    The Youth Director/Pastor:
    ● Must be a professing believer who walks daily with the Lord and is an example for others.
    ● Must have confidence in God’s calling to this ministry
    ● Must accept the Bible as God’s infallible Word; the full and complete revelation of God
    ● Must be in agreement with and not teach anything that contradicts the creeds and confessions of the Christian Reformed Church.
    ● Will become a member of York Maranatha Christian Reformed Church.
    ● Must display an ability to work with youth, young adults, volunteer leaders and the church council.
    ● Must demonstrate intelligence and sound judgment.
    ● Should have post-secondary education in youth ministries or equivalent or relevant work experience in youth ministries as a director, and an Ordination as a Youth Pastor

    Training and Development
    The Youth Pastor/Director is required to outline annual professional development plans including schedule, costs and goals to the church Council.

    ● The Youth Pastor/Director is accountable to the Elders.
    ● The youth leaders/program coordinators would be held responsible to work with the Youth Pastor/Director. They will meet with him/her as needed (as determined by the Elders) to communicate plans, set goals, and work through problem areas.
    ● The Youth Pastor/Director will work closely and communicate with the Youth Elders.
    ● It is expected that the work week consists of a minimum of 40 hours

    The Youth Pastor/Director will take on a variety of roles while adhering to the “Intent” portion of the job description. The roles are listed below:
    ● Walk alongside youth and young adults while praying, listening and helping them in their faith journey.
    ● Be a voice for youth to the council and help them to understand this generation and youth ministry. This can be done through quarterly written reports to the council or in other ways that fit the culture of the leadership. The council will be invited and held
    accountable to engage with and listen to the hearts of the youth and young adults.
    ● Act as a consultant to elders, youth leaders and mentors.
    ● Together with the Elders and the Youth Ministry Leaders, provide and encourage opportunities for parent information sessions. Plans and opportunities can be shared by way of monthly calendars and/or quarterly newsletters.
    ● Plan to spend a portion of the week scheduling one-on-one appointments with youth, young adults and/or their parents for the purposes of relationship building, counseling and/or encouragement.
    ● Be available to youth in a variety of ways including engaging them through social media.

    ● Recruit, train, encourage and support the congregation and youth in the various youth related volunteer ministries: Youth Ministry Leaders, Sunday school, GEMS and Cadets, High School ministries and College and Careers
    ● Locate and decide upon appropriate program material
    ● Work with youth in participating in Profession of Faith classes
    ● Act as a contact to young adult education and small group ministries
    ● Be a resource to volunteer leaders

    Youth Ministry Programming
    ● Help recruit youth leaders for church ministries
    ● Organize, lead and facilitate leadership training
    ● Attend meetings with ministry leadership as required
    ● Act as a contact for organizing, promoting and leading social events, and attend outreach/mission/service opportunities as requested
    ● Help leaders to recruit volunteers for youth programs
    ● Help leaders to encourage youth to participate in ministries

    Miscellaneous responsibilities (as required)
    ● Submit bulletin announcements
    ● Submit annual ministry reports
    ● Ensure that the Safe Church Policy is observed in all youth ministrie

    Application closes: December 31, 2023

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