Pastor Full Time

@ Grace Community Fellowship
  • Helena, Montana View on Map
  • Denomination: Presbyterian - EPC
  • Job Category: Pastor / Senior Pastor
  • Date Posted: November 16 2023
  • Application closes: February 29 2024
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    Job Description

    Pastor Job Description
    A. Job Title: Pastor: From the EPC Book of Order: “Pastors shall preach and expound the Word, to be God’s prophet to the people and to be the people’s priest before God. Pastors shall lead the people in worship, celebrate the sacraments, and oversee the education, nurture, and mission of the church. The Pastors with the Ruling Elders shall exercise joint ministry to the needs of the flock and to all those who have need of a Pastor’s care, love, and compassion. With the active Ruling Elders, the Pastor and Associate Pastor(s) shall exercise the joint responsibility of jurisdiction. Teaching Elders
    shall be diligent to serve actively in the courts of which they are members.”

    B. General Description: The Pastor at Grace Community Fellowship (GCF) has primary responsibility for overseeing the spiritual “equipping of the saints” of the congregation. This includes providing spiritual direction and oversight for all GCF staff members as well as the Session and its various committees. The Pastor position is a full-time position. The Pastor reports to the Session for all administrative oversight.

    C. Roles:
    1. Equipping the Saints: This work is done together with elders on Session who have been assigned oversight of discipleship ministries. Together with the Session, the pastor is “to work to equip the saints for the work of ministry.”
    a. Seek to develop new leaders through mentoring, teaching, and providing opportunities for them to preach as appropriate. Disciple, support and encourage the development of young leaders to assist in ministry and to help perform various functions of the church.
    b. Help members and attendees discern their calling and gifts, and aid them in identifying ways to serve.
    c. Seek opportunities to provide training and spiritual growth to leaders and volunteers.
    d. Under the Session’s oversight and with their approval lead potential new members through a period of instruction, and help assess both the needs and gifts of those joining the church.
    e. Oversee small groups and provide support and training to small group leaders where necessary.

    2. Shepherding: as an under shepherd, the pastor is to:
    a. Tend to the congregation spiritually through preaching, teaching, pastoral care, counseling, prayer, and the celebration of the sacraments.
    b. Be available in times of crisis to call at homes or hospitals to provide comfort, hope, and support for the ailing.
    c. Shepherd the vision, mission, and values of the church as discerned by the Session in his leadership, preaching, teaching, and moderating.
    d. Be especially attentive to church staff and volunteers in leadership positions and be proactive in responding to expressed needs or issues.
    e. Be emotionally mature in interpersonal relations with strong problem-solving, conflict resolution, and listening skills.

    3. As a disciple of Jesus, the Pastor will:
    a. Lead by example through a regular devotional life as well as maintaining those relationships necessary for spiritual well-being.
    b. Lead by example with good stewardship and supporting the work of the church through tithes, offerings, and regular teaching about financial and stewardship issues.
    c. Provide a Biblical accounting of their time, talents, and treasures.

    D. Responsibilities:
    1. Lead the congregational worship services on a regular basis. This includes assuming the major responsibility for preaching God’s word, both personally and by overseeing the other preaching that is provided to the congregation to make sure that it is in full agreement with the teachings of Holy Scripture. Administer the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper with assistance from members of the Session.
    2. Act as Moderator of the Session, providing spiritual teaching and guidance for the activities of the Elders and share in leadership responsibilities as necessary.
    3. Work with Session to oversee all official church correspondence with the members of the community, including GCF members, church visitors, and other church bodies and members of the local community; building bridges to provide greater mission outreach.
    4. Provide primary pastoral oversight for hospitality and formal visitation programs (both pastoral and Session) to prospective new members and church visitors and new members classes. Provide primary pastoral care and visitation to members of the congregation.
    5. Teach Bible classes on a regular basis, and oversee all congregational teaching to ensure that it is consistent with the teachings of Holy Scripture.
    6. Provide guidance and oversight to church committees and other teams in a manner that helps them thrive independently.
    7. Provide pastoral counseling for members of the church body. Refer other requests for counseling to an outside Christian therapist, as appropriate.
    8. Provide management and administrative oversight for GCF staff members, including but not limited to: oversee staff meetings, coordinate and direct the work of staff members, moderate Session meetings, attend Presbytery meetings and assist with committees of the Session. Exercise due diligence to make sure that all staff activities are properly coordinated with the various committees of the Session who have responsibilities in the areas affected.
    9. Officiate the rites of baptism, marriages, funerals, baby dedications, or delegate others to perform these rites as requested by both members of the congregation and members of the local community.
    10. The Pastor will maintain scheduled working hours and manage a working calendar for the dutiful execution of their appointments, duties, and adequate communication.

    E. Relationships: The Pastor is the spiritual leader of the church and shares in leading, along with Session, the temporal matters of the church. The pastor will work closely with Session to ensure unity and oneness among all church leaders and seek consensus with Session on matters of church decisions.

    Application closes: February 29, 2024

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