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    Job Description

    Overview: The Worship Director will give overall leadership to worship under the supervision of the pastor. This will include direct oversight of the Praise Team and coordination of the Sound and Projection Teams for the purposes of worship. The Worship Director will participate in other worship related ministries that serve the mission of the church where the need exists and as time allows.

    Time Commitment: The Worship Director will work an average of 20 hours per week, with the time commitment varying over the course of the year.

    Required Skills/Attributes for the Music Coordinator Position

    • A deep and growing love for the Lord and His church, filled with the Holy Spirit and attuned to the Spirit’s leading in ministry.
    • Has experience in an administrative/leadership role – managing volunteers, scheduling, budgets, etc.
    • Has experience working as part of a larger team.
    • A willingness to understand the foundational statements and structures of Fellowship CRC and work within that (even its music traditions)
    • Can sing or play an instrument with excellence, can read music, and has a working knowledge of music theory.
    • A working knowledge of the soundboard and recording equipment or is willing to learn.

    Preferred Skills

    • Able to grow the praise team by recruiting new members.
    • Technology -maintain and improve audio and visual technologies.
    • Has additional experience or interest in other forms of worship: drama, visual arts, dance…

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Weekly -Plan, prepare for and execute rehearsals (currently Thursdays, Sunday mornings, and others as needed)
    • Weekly – Select music for the worship service which both creates connectivity with the sermon and engages the congregation.
    • Lead worship during segments of the services -speaking, praying, singing, with the direction from the church Pastor.
    • Design the order of worship of the service as arranged with the Pastor including arranging the order of service when we have a guest preacher.
    • Other tasks/duties can be assigned by Council or Pastor as needed.
    • Prepare special music for special seasons or events, e.g., Christmas, Easter, special offerings, praise nights, etc.…
    • Take on special projects as needed or beneficial to the ministry, e.g. train and lead a kid’s praise team for camp in the summer; select or develop a Christmas musical production and perform it (recruiting, training, and leading a choir for the production).
    • Teach/coach team members -reading music, style, singing and playing technique as needed.
    • Grow the praise team by recruiting new members.
    • Oversee the Sound and Projection team leaders to ensure their ministries and all services run smoothly, including online worship.
    • Contribute to online ministries.


    • Attend weekly staff meetings.
    • Attend monthly meetings with the Pastor.
    • Attend monthly meetings with the Worship Committee
    • Create a monthly report for the pastor and abbreviated report for council in collaboration with the Worship Committee.
    • Keep music organized, leveraging digital resources.
    • Search for and select new worship music.
    • Prepare a monthly schedule for instrumentalists and singers.
    • Manage and maintain equipment -purchase, maintain, repair (piano, drums, sound, and video equipment)
    • Submit a budget request for the music ministry of the church annually.
    • Attend seminars and conferences as identified and/or approved by the lead pastor.


    The Pastor (with council) will supervise the work of the Worship Director. The Pastor (with Council) through the HR Committee will engage in annual reviews using the material made available through the CRCNA -Pastor Church Resources.

    In addition, monthly feedback and support will be provided, either through the Worship Committee, Pastor and/or Council. The Worship Director will also meet with the HR Committee as needed for additional support and guidance.

    For expressions of interest, please email your contact information, phone/email and CV in PDF format.

    Application deadline closed.

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