Assistant Director of Learning Ministries Full Time

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Job Description

Position: Assistant Director of Learning Ministries
Accountable to: The Director of Connectional Ministries

Spiritual Characteristics:
• Profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
• Commit to excellence in professional employment, personal spiritual growth, and a healthy lifestyle consistent with the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church.
• Model standards and expectations of church leaders as set by the Virginia Annual Conference.

Nature of the Position:
• The Assistant Director of Learning Ministries is first and foremost a Virginia Conference resource staff person for local churches, districts, laity, and clergy. This staff person will identify ways and means of educating and guiding our conference constituency in how we become lifelong learners as Christs’ disciples and how we guide
disciples in deepening their relationships with Jesus Christ. The Assistant Director will be present throughout the Virginia Conference teaching and demonstrating best practices
in lifelong learning tools, techniques and ministries. The Common table has defined and identified Lifelong Learning as, “The lifelong pursuit of being transformed to be more like Jesus – Active participation in the transformative work of God in Christ,” thus, this Assistant Director will present the “learning” focus as a ministry priority to all entities of the Virginia Conference in traditional, non-traditional, user friendly and creative ways.
• The Assistant Director will serve as a Board/Agency resource person; however, the resource model and design of director resourcing is that Board/Agency are responsible for their effectiveness. Boards and Agencies will be responsible for facilitating appropriate equipping, training, development and continuation of service and mission related ministries. Thus, the Assistant Director will advise, guide and consult with various Boards and Agencies as the Boards/Agencies engage in and resource the Conference.
• The Assistant Director is in nature and function a Christian minister, with or without traditional clergy Ordination credentials.
• The Assistant Director is expected to lead beyond our current norms, practices, resource offerings, programs and ministries. The Assistant Director will remain attentive to trends, new resources, and evaluate resource effectiveness particularly from a stewardship perspective.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Among the highest priorities of the Assistant Director are to:
• Resource the Virginia Conference laity, clergy, local churches and districts in disciple making through identifying, developing and deploying disciples;
• Serve as a resource and consultant to various Virginia Conference Boards and Agencies as assigned by the Director of Connectional Ministries;
• Adherence and implementation to and of the Virginia Annual Conference’s disciple making plan;
• The Assistant Director will serve as the primary Virginia Conference theologian, teacher and preacher particularly in the areas of discipleship learning ministries including Higher Education and Age Level ministries;
• The Assistant Director will work in consultation with the Communications Office to create and produce learning related resources;
• Assist all Virginia Conference entities in the ways and means of engaging in adaptive mission and ministry;
• Research and present to the Virginia Conference laity, clergy, local churches and districts proven effective Learning oriented disciple making resources and training events;
• Regularly utilize the latest digital tools and techniques to provide resources;
• Give careful oversight to the Learning Ministry budget, income, expenditures and prudently use financial resources;
• Provide monthly ministry and progress reports to the Director of Connectional Ministries;
• Assist in Annual Conference coordination, setup, and property removal as needed,

Specific Tasks:
Work with intentionality to research, develop and provide Learning related resources to include:
• Organize and lead a Learning Ministry Action Plan (MAP) team;
• Organize and lead strategic monthly team meetings;
• Provide in-person resourcing at least 12 times a year in local churches and districts through worship, seminars, training events and other types of resourcing;
• Follow up with team members one-on-one as necessary for personal development;
• Develop the Learning Ministry Action Plan (MAP) and team in alignment with Connectional Ministries and the Bishop’s Steering Team to include oversight of the Learning Ministry Team
o Develop Ministry Actions Plans (MAP) related to the launching of new initiatives
o Evaluation of Ministry Action Plans (MAP) related to existing initiatives
o Leadership development of team members;
• Launch and evaluate ministries and initiatives according to effectiveness in Learning resourcing of local churches and leaders, districts, and clergy with specific attention to Virginia Ethnic Minority potential and population demographics;
• Address and reduce relationship disconnects between local churches, districts, laity and clergy through the providing of resources and relationship building;
• Develop and communicate (in partnership with the Communications Office) human resource networks and teams so that every local congregation may have access to needed resources;
• Connect with and guide as many local churches, districts, laity and clergy as possible in Learning related vision and ministry;
• Connect with, guide, and resource various conference age-level ministries;
• Connect with, resource, and guide all Higher Education related ministries like colleges, universities, Wesley Foundations, ecumenical campus ministries, and their respective boards;
• Provide administrative oversight of $1,160,000 Campus Ministries Apportionment (total for 2019);
• Serve as the primary staff liaison with eight Wesley Foundation Directors and five ecumenical campus ministers;
• Connect with, resource, and guide teams that offer youth ministry events, including providing guidance and resources districts, churches, laity and clergy;
• Serve as the primary staff resource for conference age-level ministries including children, youth ministries, and young adult ministries:
Children’s Ministry Team
o Monthly two-hour recruitment meetings/calls
o Monthly two-hour team leader mentoring/coaching
L3 Hubs (training cohorts for youth/children’s ministry leaders – currently involves 25 participants)
o Monthly four hour cohort facilitation
o Monthly four hour prep
o Monthly two hour facilitator “check-in”
Summit Task Team (once-a-year event in the Spring. avg. 200 in attendance)
o Monthly team meetings averaging four hours (team related tasks, meetings, material preparations, etc.)
o Annual two days’ retreat weekend event
• Give careful oversight to the Learning Ministry budget, income, expenditures and prudently use financial resources; Have training in or get trained in the Spiritual Leadership Inc. (SLI) model of ministry development;

Skills and Abilities:
• Possess exceptional written and oral communication skills;
• Work creatively with others;
• Practice team-based leadership;
• Contribute to staff and church “strengths-based” environment;
• Exhibit strong relational skills with people of all ages and situations;
• Model strategic thinking;
• Model nimble and adaptive flexibly and be open to change be it internal organizational or cultural external change;
• Demonstrate self-starter Characteristics;
• Proficiency in engaging social media;
• An adequate understanding of The United Methodist Book of Discipline.

Preferred Education and Experience:
• Relevant professional experience
• Completion of theological academic studies

Learning Board/Agency Resourcing:
Age-level ministries of the Board of Discipleship; Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry; Commission on Disabilities;
Others as assigned by the Director of Connectional Ministries

Cover letters and resumes for these open positions will be accepted until May 15, 2020

Application deadline closed.

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