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    Job Description

    The Assistant Pastor’s role is to work together with the Senior Pastor to gather people to Christ and equip them for His service through the ministries of Grace Church. The primary responsibility of the Assistant Pastor is to work with ministry staff and volunteers to implement the vision of the church.

    1. Meets the qualifications for elder in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1
    2. Ordained or ordainable as a Teaching Elder in the PCA

    Desired Characteristics
    1. Has a shepherd’s heart and delights to be among God’s sheep
    2. Known for gospel-centered teaching, preaching, philosophy of ministry, and life
    3. Has demonstrated an ability to organize, lead, and train God’s people for the work of ministry (Eph. 4)
    4. Committed to the Westminster Standards and their historic application to contemporary issues
    5. Able to work collaboratively (e.g. with the session and diaconate) and remain humble during conflict
    6. Is dependable and self-motivating
    7. Able to manage priorities without losing momentum on other responsibilities

    Personal Piety and Pastoral Development
    1. Committed to his own spiritual growth through the ordinary means of grace
    2. Committed to a strong devotional life and on guard against competing priorities
    3. Prayer
                  a) Practice a life of prayer personally
                  b) Model a life of prayer with and for the saints at Grace Church
    4. Regular reading and study related to ministry in the areas of Bible, theology, and gospel living
    5. Utilize two weeks study leave per year that may include time away for conferences or other gatherings for personal equipping and encouragement

    The Assistant Pastor will primarily be responsible for providing leadership, structure, and consistent oversight to the current ministries of Grace Church and shepherding the church through worship and pastoral care. These primary responsibilities include:

    Ministry Leadership
    1. Provide leadership to the current ministries at the church, including Sunday school, Bible studies, prayer groups, and discipleship groups.
    2. Establish community groups and train a team of community group leaders
    3. Encourage people to join community groups and help them find the right group
    4. Form a welcome team that will assist in welcoming visitors to the church
    5. Support the teams of people who lead our Lord’s Day ministries (fellowship ministry, nursery, etc.)

    Pastoral Care
    In collaboration with the session and other staff, the Assistant Pastor will provide pastoral care for the congregation including visitations, shepherding, discipling. He should enjoy being around God’s people and proactively pursue relationships within the congregation. He must be passionate about hospitality and the fellowship of the saints.

    Sunday Worship
    In rotation with the session and Senior Pastor, the Assistant Pastor will lead service regularly, developing the liturgy and working with the worship coordinator as necessary. In addition, he should preach at least eight times per year as requested by the session or Senior Pastor and administer the sacraments regularly.

    Additional Responsibilities
    Since Grace Church is growing, other needs may arise that the session or Senior Pastor may ask the Assistant Pastor to assist with. For example, he could help lead a new members’ class, officer training, or a communicants’ class.

    Compensation TBD

    Please answer following questions in one or two paragraphs (a separate attachment is appreciated).
    1. How do you describe your philosophy of ministry?
    2. What led you to applying for the Assistant Pastor position at Grace Church?
    3. When was the last time you failed at something and what have you learned?
    4. What is the Lord doing in your life right now?
    5. Who are the Christians who have influenced you the most (writers/pastors, etc.)?
    6. In five years, where do you see yourself serving in ministry?

    How to Apply
    Please send the following by email.
    Cover Letter                                                                                                                Typed questionnaire responses
    Two recommendations from pastors or ministry partners
    Audio recording of at least two sermons.


    Application closes: August 31, 2022

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