Associate Pastor/Director of Community Engagement and Spiritual Formation Full Time

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    Job Description

    The Gathering Church is hiring a full-time Associate Pastor/Director to help lead us in fulfilling our
    mission to love people incredibly well as Jesus did. This person will be responsible for fostering
    spiritual growth within the church, facilitating ways in which we care for our broader community, and
    leading our communications efforts. The ideal start date for this position is September 1, 2020.

    The Associate Pastor/Director will report to the Lead Pastor, working together to enact the vision of the
    church. The primary priorities for this position are written broadly with the intention to find the best
    match between a candidate and the position. The priorities include:

    1. Cultivating spiritually-formative relationships among church members through worship
    and study. The Associate Pastor/Director will be responsible for establishing ways for
    relationships in the Gathering Church community to flourish across ages and personal
    backgrounds. This includes building upon the churchʼs practice of meeting in home groups,
    developing scriptural study programs for adults to complement Sunday worship services, and
    working with the Lead Pastor to plan sermon series. This responsibility also includes
    connecting church members at various stages of involvement with the church, whether
    first-time visitors learning about the Gathering, college-age young adults, or people who have
    been involved from the start.

    2. Connecting the church with the needs of our broader community. The Associate
    Pastor/Director will be responsible for helping church members move toward action and
    community engagement as an essential aspect of spiritual growth and loving our neighbors
    well. Part of this responsibility includes maintaining and deepening connections with local
    community partners with an emphasis on social justice and a heart for historically
    marginalized communities, as well as exploring new ways for the church to serve members of
    our community. In addition to local service, the Associate Pastor will also be instrumental in
    continued connections with global missions partners.

    3. Overseeing internal and external communications. The Associate Pastor/Director will
    support a growing infrastructure for building online community among church members, and
    those new to the church. This includes regular passive communications, such as newsletters
    and content on the churchʼs website, as well as audience-specific communications and
    conversations. We will look to the Associate Pastor/Director for consistent, thoughtful
    approaches to communication within the church to organize and carry out church activities.
    As these responsibilities indicate, the right person for our Associate Pastor/Director position will need
    to be able to think in terms of the big picture and direction of the Gathering Church, while also being
    able to organize the details of congregant involvement.

    This position requires someone who:

    ● Is inspired by the Gatheringʼs mission to love others incredibly well as Jesus did.
    ● Is committed to taking bold steps to bring racial equity in our church and our local
    ● Sees congregantsʼ spiritual formation as integral to the churchʼs ministry, and is passionate
    about developing leaders in the church.
    ● Is a lifelong learner, recognizing the vital connection between the mind, the body, and the
    spirit, and practices spiritual disciplines in a life-giving way.
    ● Communicates effectively, and takes an active role in leading, teaching, and engaging others.
    ● Is prayerful, above all.
    Additionally, applicants to the position should have one or more of the following preferred
    ● A Master of Divinity or equivalent graduate degree
    ● At least 3 yearsʼ experience in church leadership roles, volunteer or paid
    ● Experience with online/social media communications efforts
    ● Experience and interest in counseling church members from all walks of life
    We look forward to working together with this candidate and the Holy Spirit to love people incredibly
    well as Jesus did.

    Application deadline closed.

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