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    Job Description

    Rush Community Church is looking for a full-time associate who is called to our unique setting. We are a rural church located between several communities. The church is surrounded by hills, farms, and woodland. In addition to our rural setting, the church has multiple generations worshipping together.

    Whoever fills this position will be called to wear multiple hats. We are not expecting one person to take on every task. Instead as a new associate fills a role, we want to use volunteers to fill the other roles.

    Our current needs are the following:

    1. Youth Leader – Three years ago with a youth leader we had an active youth group of over twenty teens. The potential to see this again is very real. Besides the church building, we also own a school building on a separate property. This property offers a youth room and office space for an associate.
    2. Children’s Leader – Covid has left us reeling. However, the year before Covid we had 100 children in our VBS program as well as 40 volunteers. In past years, we have had more than 100 children. We currently have a Caravans Program on Wednesday. Our numbers are running about 10 children. Pre-Covid, we ran 30 kids. However, we could easy reach these numbers again.
    3. Worship Leader – In past years with a larger youth group, we have had a worship band. The church has sung everything from traditional hymns to contemporary music. Currently, we are using split tracts for worship with a blend of music. There are several who play piano, but Covid fears have kept them from playing.

    Financially, we are doing well. Our giving has continued to do better than we did before Covid. We have kept 75% of our in-person attendance through In-Person Worship Services and a Drive-in Service. We are also currently Live Streaming our services. As Covid comes to an end, we want to hit the ground running.

    This job will require someone who is self-motivated. You will report to me the Senior Pastor, but you will also have a voice at all Board Meetings. Essentially, you will be accountable to our leaders as well. They will have opportunity to ask you about your progress, but you will also address your needs directly to the leadership. Although several ministry roles have been listed, we are open to other areas you may be called into serving. You would have the opportunity in helping to write your specific job description in the interview process.

    Application closes: September 30, 2021

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