Business Administrator Full Time

@ Olivet Baptist Church
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  • Denomination: Baptist - SBC
  • Job Category: Business, Administration & Finance
  • Date Posted: 12 January 2020
  • Application Closed
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Job Description

As a faith-based organization and place of Christian worship, our beliefs are foundational to everything we do. The administrator is expected to share these beliefs, join in the spiritual life of the church and work actively to support our ministry and vision.

The Church Administrator is responsible for the business aspects of running the church, to include financial management, personnel management, property and facilities management, and risk management.

1. Under the direction of the Treasurer, be responsible for maintaining the accounting records and preparing financial reports for Olivet Baptist Church.
2. Be responsible for the preparation each month (and each quarter and each year) of the Statement of Financial Position, the Statement of Unrestricted Activities, and the report on Designated and Restricted Net Assets, by the 15th of the following month.
3. Supervise and be the backup to the Bookkeeper in maintaining accounting records, using QuickBooks Online, and hard copy files that substantiate the accuracy of accounting entries and financial reports. This includes the reconciliation of all bank statement entries 15 days of their receipt.
4. Assist the Treasurer in maintaining internal accounting controls to ensure that all funds are counted and accounted for properly, and only authorized receipts and disbursements are made.
5. Prepare annual budget requests for office expenses, utilities, and church expenses not included in budget requests from others.
6. Provide assistance to the Finance Committee in preparing and reviewing the annual budget for the church.
7. Maintain the office’s petty cash fund.

1. Prepare payroll for church and preschool employees.
2. Maintain personnel records, time reporting records, and job descriptions for church employees and preschool employees, as appropriate.
3. Administer personnel policies for church employees.
4. Maintain vacation and leave requests/records for church employees.
5. Maintain benefits plans including health care insurance, annuities, worker’s compensation and TDI.
6. Assure church’s compliance with federal and state labor laws.
7. Work closely with Personnel Committee. Attend PC meetings as required.

1. Supervise the custodial staff and outside contractors (groundskeepers).
2. Coordinate the repairs and maintenance of buildings and facilities.
3. Coordinate use of facilities, to include weddings, funerals, etc.
4. Coordinate with architects, contractors, repair personnel, etc.
5. Maintain an inventory of church property and equipment.
6. Liaison with property managers.
7. Work closely with Properties Committee and with the Board of Trustees.

1. Oversee security and safety matters of concern to the church.
2. Maintain the insurance policies of the church.
3. Review security footage as required, to ensure proper coverage of church property.
4. Maintain an inventory of all church property and equipment.
5. Maintain an inventory and secure control of all keys.
6. Keep on file all legal and statutory documents.
7. Meet with the Board of Trustees to discuss risk management issues.

1. Supervise and evaluate on a regular basis, the Office Assistant and custodial staff.
2. Provide direction and assistance on the daily operation of the church office.
3. Serve as purchasing agent for office supplies, janitorial supplies, kitchen supplies, and equipment for office and church. Maintain vendor relationships.
4. Assure all required tax forms (e.g. monthly General Excise Tax, 1099’s, and W-2’s) are promptly paid and timely filed.
5. Facilitate training of staff in use of office equipment and computer systems, and implementing procedures.
6. Coordinate the repair/maintenance of all office equipment. Keep current maintenance agreements on office equipment. Recommend purchase/lease of new equipment.
7. Operate phone system – recordings, messages, date and time.
8. Coordinate mailing of newsletter and maintain postal accounts for postage meter and bulk mail.

1. Coordinates with the staff, publication of weekly bulletin, monthly newsletter and other publications as needed. Proof reads and edits as necessary. (Office Assistant will type bulletin and newsletter.)
2. Oversee production of church calendar and schedules.
3. Review and administer policies and procedures concerning use of all church properties and facilities.
4. Prepare and file Annual Church Profile with the HPBC.
5. Oversee outside contractors (cleaners, plumbers, etc.) in conjunction with Properties Committee.
6. Maintain permanent files of church, including legal documents.
7. Coordinates/assists in production of monthly church council agenda and quarterly business meeting agenda packets.
8. Perform other duties required by ministerial staff and various committees.

1. College graduate with degree in Business, preferably with a major in Accounting or other education and work experience that demonstrates a strong understanding of accounting and financial reporting.
2. Minimum of 5 years experience in the role of Office Manager or similar supervisory experience
3. Experience in human resource and personnel operations.
4. Working knowledge of accounting principles.
5. Demonstrated experience with budgets and financial reconciliations.
6. Ability to work weekends and nights as needed.
Notes: This position organizationally reports to the Senior Pastor. Operationally, the position takes direction from the Treasurer, and works closely with the Personnel Committee.

Application deadline closed.

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