Business Administrator Full Time

@ Portland Christian Center
  • Portland, Oregon View on Map
  • Denomination: Assemblies of God
  • Job Category: Business, Administration & Finance, Executive Pastor
  • Date Posted: 2 November 2019
  • Application closes: 31 March 2020
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    Job Description

    Portland Christian Center, an Assembly of God Church located in Portland, Oregon, is looking for a key financial leader to add to our executive team. Job title will be considered with experience and calling:  Business Administrator, Executive Pastor of Business and Finance, or CFO.

    General Description:  The role of the Business Administrator is to provide strategic direction in areas of stewardship, endowment, planned giving, capital campaign, master site plans, etc.  This would include stewardship of the property, finances, donors and personnel of Portland Christian Center and its auxiliary ministries.

    * Accountable to the Lead Pastor, serves on the Senior Leadership Team, and acts in an advisory capacity to the Board of Deacons.
    * Primary function is advisor and administrator in all matters pertaining to the corporate resources. He/she serves as the financial officer of the ministry, with direct oversight of the Finance Department, ensuring ministry budgets and current financial reports are prepared monthly for the Board of Deacons and the Finance Committee and reported to the congregation in accordance with our communication plans.
    * Serves as overseer of the Operations Department, ensuring best practices and the effective servicing of all custodial, set-up, facilities and grounds needs.
    * Serves as overseer of the Food Services Department, ensuring best practices for Wednesday dinners and other such all church events.
    * Has general oversight of the Human Resource Department ensuring sound employment policies and best practices for the management of volunteer and paid personnel.
    * Serves on the Executive Pastoral Team along with the Lead Pastor and department leaders, to give visionary and managerial leadership to Portland Christian Center.
    * May serve as ministry leader of a ministry department as determined by the Lead Pastor.
    * Embraces, pursues and promotes the mission, values and strategies of Portland Christian Center.
    * All staff, including the Executive Pastor of Business and Finance, are expected to have a flexible, “can do” spirit to tackle duties that are not part of the normal job description. These may include handling key parts of major church-wide initiatives (e.g., building renovations, capital campaigns, major outreach events) or providing extra leadership for projects within a functional area (e.g., family worship services, meet and greets, and Grow Experiences).

    Specific Duties:

    1. Will give oversight to the financial operations of the church and ministries.
    2. Will work with the finance department to administrate day-to-day financial requirements.
    3. Will prepare the yearly corporate budget.
    4. Will provide up-to-date analysis and forecasting of church finances.
    5. Will provide current financials as requested by the lead pastor and church board.
    6. Will meet weekly with the lead pastor and executive pastor, forming a staff financial management team, providing current financial data.
    7. Will create and oversee the church development department (wills, trust, grants, endowments, etc.).
    8. Will develop and oversee financial counseling and stewardship ministries.
    9. We serve as an ex-officio member of the master plan team.
    10. Will serve as co-chair of capital campaign team.
    11. Will strategically advance the financial policies and goals of the corporation.
    12. Will give oversight to the day-to-day operations of the physical plant.
    13. Will ensure proper staff is hired and scheduled to provide quality maintenance services for all church and school needs.
    14. Will supervise the head of maintenance and work directly with him to ensure proper training and supervision of maintenance staff.
    15. Will ensure effective program for set-up and clean-up for church and school usage.
    16. Will ensure and evaluate ongoing maintenance needs and improvements of the facilities.
    17. Will ensure equipment is maintained and/or purchased in support of the operation.
    18. Will ensure a safe and secure working and ministry environment for paid and volunteer constituents.
    19. Will provide counsel for the day-to-day ministry operations of the corporation.
    20. Will assist with training of all support staff including administrative.
    21. Will ensure compliance of human resource policy for paid and volunteer staff
    22. Will ensure equipment is maintained and/or purchased in support of the operation. (i.e., computers, photocopiers, etc.)
    23. Will approve and review all corporate contracts.
    24. Will be responsible to lead in the development, implementation, and review of all personnel and building/operations policies.
    25. Will serve as a staff advisor to Building Committee and all facilities related endeavors.
    26. Will serve as a staff advisor to the church finance committee and church board.
    27. Will directly supervise all finance, human resources and operation staff.
    28. May serve as a pastoral supervisor of a church ministry, which will be determined in conjunction with the Lead Pastor.
    29. Will be in full agreement with the policies and beliefs of Portland Christian Center.
    30. Will carry out other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor.

    Personal Responsibilities:

    Will cultivate an exemplary personal life in the following areas:
    1. Maintain a vital and growing spiritual walk with God.
    2. Maintain a vital and growing relationship with spouse and children.
    3. Observe regular days off as a general rule.
    4. Model worship for the church by being an authentic worshiper.
    5. Encourage, equip and influence the congregation by building friendships and by cultivating shepherding relationships within the church.
    6. Build relationships and model teamwork with church staff.
    7. Pursue professional excellence.
    8. Develop and maintain a God-honoring life, spiritually, physically, relationally, intellectually and emotionally.

    Application closes: March 31, 2020

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