Children’s Minister / Director Full Time

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    Job Description

    Job Responsibilities:

    Using Scripture as the base and combining the aspects of Worship, Connect, Serve and Share, the Children’s Minister/Director is charged with ministering to the preschool and elementary aged children and family members of Indian Springs Baptist Church and community.


    Oversee, plan and execute spiritually sound, creative, fun and challenging learning opportunities for children from preschool to fifth grade.Connect

    Oversee, planand execute spiritually sound, creative, fun and challenging Sunday School for preschool and children to fifth grade that will lead to the understanding and knowledge in Jesus Christ.oCreate schedule, strategically considering calendar, timing, topic andtouchpoint opportunities. Train, lead and disciple volunteersoPlan lesson process to accomplish spiritual growthoBuild and disciple volunteer team

    Oversee, plan and execute spiritually sound, creative, fun and challenging promotional and informationfilled communications plan for preschoolers, children, parents, volunteers and church body, creating multigenerational outreachoThrough all available channels (GroupMe, Instagram, Facebook, email, bulletin, video announcements, etc.) create and execute pertinent communication regarding events, changes, updates, Scripture, celebrations of accomplishments, important events, dates of preschoolers and children.Serve and Share

    Oversee, plan and execute spiritually sound, creative, fun and challenging daytrips, camps, and other worship opportunities; studying the benefits of how to interact with children and parents in methods of leadership that teaches Jesus while discipling parents in becoming the example of living for Christ.oIncludes but not limited to: day camps, day trips, mission trips, summer camps (CentriKids, Awana, KidzLife, Vacation Bible School, etc.)

    • Build relationships with families, creating a base of interest for leaders to attend such trips and events and carry over to be the spiritual leader of their homes.

    Oversee, plan and execute spiritually sound, creative, fun and challenging ministry opportunities for summer interns.oCreate schedule, strategically considering calendar, timing, topic and touchpoint opportunities to provide interns with worthwhile ministry experiences that assist ISBC’s mission while expanding the vision for and discipling the student as well participate in the promotion of the position and bettering and choosing of the intern candidates.


    Attend weekly meetings of family ministry teamActive involvement in a POD Squad (Personal Ongoing Discipling Squad)

    Oversee, plan, and execute spiritually sound, creative, fun and challenging ways for children to build relationships not only with each other, but strengthen their relationships with their parents and Christ, creating a foundation of faith as they grow.

    Following ISBC policy, offer private counsel to children, families and leaders as needed and using appropriate judgement and discretion in maintain confidentiality

    Developing and maintaining safe and clean learning environment for children

    Creating and enforcing rules for safety and security in the nursery and Sunday School area, including managing the checkin system and assist in set up, cleanup and maintenance of events and property

    Work with supervisor to develop and manage children’s ministry budget

    Coordinate baptism of applicable with child candidate, family, volunteers, etc.

    Be available and help coordinate or assist family dedications when applicable

    Work with administrative staff to have supplies and orders needed in advance

    Work with supervisor on communication, promotion and tieins of needs, programs, and opportunities with children and church body

    Keep staff and pastoral care pastor aware of all prayer requests and needs involving children and their families, including illnesses and hospital stays and visiting with able

    Attend funerals and visitations for members and extended family of children in your ministry at Indian Springs Baptist Church

    Be available, if needed, to substitute teach a Sunday School classLead volunteers with a “multiplier” mentality and role model how discipling children and their families should look.

    Job Requirements:

    From an accredited college or university, a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, counseling or ministry is preferred. Ministry education, training and experience is considered a bonus.

    At least five years’ experience in early childhood education, counseling or ministry; or combination of all

    At least five years’ experience in a ministerial role (volunteer, parttime, fulltime all considered)

    Background in the Baptist Church

    Be willing to become a member of Indian Springs Baptist Church if not already

    Demonstrated ability to minister and comfort others with a compassionate presence and care

    Affirm and abide by the tenets of the ISBC bylaws and policies and the Baptist Faith and Message 2000

    Possess computer skills knowledgeable in Microsoft Word,Excel, and other programs to help maximize role

    Compensation TBD

    Benefits: Insurance package, mileage reimbursed, portion of cell phone bill reimbursed

    Ministry supervision: Executive pastor

    Application closes: July 10, 2021

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