Director of Ministry to Youth and Families Full Time

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    Job Description

    Lead the Youth & Families toward the vision and mission of Redeemer (RPC).

    Salary & benefits commensurate with education & experience

    Qualifications & Requirements:
    Demonstrated relational ability to lead and inspire people in a volunteer framework.

    Demonstrated strategic, organizational, shepherding, and managerial excellence.

    Demonstrated ability to lead ministries to Youth and their families

    Demonstrated ability to nurture the found and seek the lost.

    Strong working relationship with Senior Pastor, Ministry Trust & other staff.

    Strong understanding of the spiritual lives of adolescents.

    Servant-leader who is humble and receptive and meets the biblical qualifications for eldership (they may or may not serve as an elder)

    Shepherd Youth and their Families
    Collaborate with Staff Leadership Team to develop and document a clear and coherent Philosophy of Ministry (POM) to youth in the framework of RPC’s POM & Session.

    Work with ministry staff to develop an aggressive vision of welcoming new students and their families to RPC Youth ministries.

    Have meaningful relationships with youth and families and equip others to do the same.

    Attend to the needs of Youth and families as they enter crises or transitions.

    Create avenues and forums for gaining feedback from families and Staff Leadership Team.

    Maintain and Develop Present Youth Ministries of Redeemer
    Continue the following ministries of formation, community building and service:

    o Large group for both middle school and high school students.

    o Small groups, one-to-one disciple making and ongoing discipleship relationships.

    o Sunday School programming.

    o Offer camp, conference, retreat, mission and service opportunities.

    o Work with sister PCA churches in our joint efforts in MS and HS.

    Clearly communicate the goals and purposes of each calendar event as they serve the body and resonate with the POM.
    Lead ministry projects, teams, or committees as determined by Staff Leadership Team.                                                                                         
    Oversee paid and volunteer Youth Team as congregational shepherds, including Youth Intern(s) and ensuring at least one opposite gender assistant or intern.
    Participate in other Ministries as agreed on by Staff Leadership Team.

    Integrate Youth into the full Life of Redeemer
    Recruit teams of volunteers to assist in the nurture of Redeemer’s youth.

    Take an active leadership role in Sunday morning worship and work with worship ministry to integrate students in the life of worship.

    Expand opportunities for Youth to be known and mentored within Redeemer.

    Application closes: June 30, 2022

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