Director of Missions Full Time

@ Concord Baptist Association
  • Jefferson City, Missouri View on Map
  • Denomination: Baptist - SBC
  • Job Category: Business, Administration & Finance
  • Date Posted: 31 January 2020
  • Application Closed
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Job Description

Concord Baptist Association is seeking a full time Director of Missions for an association of 44 churches encompassing Jefferson City, MO and surrounding communities.

Job Description

A. When a vacancy occurs in the position of Director of Missions:
1. The Nominating Team shall present to the Executive Council the names of five persons, from five churches, to be elected to serve as the Search Team.
2. The Executive Council shall instruct the Search Team regarding qualifications, salary, benefits, job description and other pertinent matters for the Director of Missions.
3. The Search Team shall present one name at a time to the Executive Council for consideration. The Search Team should unanimously agree when a recommendation is made.
B. The Executive Council shall consider the call of the prospective Director of Missions at a regular meeting or at a special meeting called for this purpose provided a written notice of meeting date, time, place and purpose is sent to each church at least 10 days prior to the date of the special meeting.
1. The ballot vote shall be at least 75% approval to extend a call.
2. If the approval vote does not meet the required 75%, there shall be no further discussion and the Search Team shall resume the search.

A. The call to the Director of Missions shall be indefinite but may be terminated by resignation or by the Executive Council as provided herein.
B. The Director of Mission{s tenure may be terminated within 30 days, by a 75% vote of the Executive Council at a meeting called for this specific purpose with at least 30 days written notice to the churches.

The Director of Missions shall provide leadership to the Association in fulfilling its mission and purpose with more specific duties as provided herein and by the Executive Council. He shall:

A. Be a provider of leadership for the Association:
1. Provide guidance and counsel to Association officers:
a. In recognizing and understanding the significance of the positions;
b. In successfully accomplishing the duties and tasks of the positions.
2. Provide guidance and counsel to the Councils:
a. In understanding the Council_s vital importance to the Association_s mission;
b. In determining the Council E direction in fulfilling its mission;
c. In determining the Teams necessary for accomplishing the various tasks;
d. In establishing effective Teams and enabling each Team to function appropriately.
3. Provide guidance and counsel to the Teams:
a. In understanding the Team ls mission as outlined by the Council;
b. In ensuring the Team accomplishes its mission.

B. Be a developer of leaders:
1. Work with association officers, coordinators and leaders:
a. In recognizing individual spiritual gifts and abilities;
b. In using and developing their gifts and abilities.
2. Work with potential leaders:
a. In discerning spiritual gifts;
b. In encouraging the development and use of their gifts.

C. Be a friend and co-laborer with pastors:
1. Be a confidential listener:
a. To hear their hurts, concerns and needs;
b. Assist in appropriate matters;
c. Relate to them as a co-laborer.
2. Be an encourager:
a. Provide support;
b. Uplift and undergird;
c. Walk with them as a co-laborer.
3. Be a counselor:
a. Provide counsel and guidance;
b. Provide correction and reproof with wisdom;
c. Provide assistance as an equal co-laborer.

4. Be a mentor for pastors, especially the young in the ministry:

a. By personal example;

b. By developing pastoral skills, such as:
1) Personal Bible study;
2) Pulpit ministry;
3) Administering the ordinances;
4) Moderating business meetings;
5) Church organization and development;
6) Ministering to the congregation;
7) Hospital visitation;
8) Conducting funerals and ministering at times of death;
9) Personal evangelism.

c. By supporting them as an equal co-laborer and learner.

d. Be a catalyst for missions:
1. Have a ITleartDand ]eel::1or missions and mission projects;
2. Be a discerner of mission needs and opportunities;
3. Be able to present, promote and launch mission projects;
4. Be a leader, supporter and encourager in mission projects.

e. Be for the local church:
1. Possess a love for the local church;
2. Assist the local church in determining needs with which other churches may help;
3. Assist the local church in determining ways of ministering to other churches;
4. Assist the local church in determining her own mission.

f. Be a supervisor of staff:
1. Determine the need for staff and present recommendations to the Executive Council;
2. With the counsel of the Leadership Team and Executive Council approval, employ staff;
3. With the counsel of the Leadership Team, supervise and dismiss staff as necessary;
4. Work with the Leadership Team in personnel matters;
5. Personnel information shall be kept confidential with the Leadership Team unless specifically requested by the Executive Council.

g. Be responsible:
1. To the Executive Council and report at each meeting thereof;
2. To the Association and report at each meeting thereof.


Application deadline closed.

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