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Job Description

Qualifications: The Director of Music Ministry must be a committed evangelical Christian who can wholeheartedly support the ministry of Faith Presbyterian Church including the blended style of music. He/She must be an active member of a local church. He/She must have outstanding musical skills and the ability to relate well to others. He/She must be comfortable and proficient with technology to include a sound board and the computer software (i.e. ProPresenter and CCB) our church uses for music and scheduling. He/She must have the talent and ability to adapt to last-minute changes (e.g. a scheduled band member is sick and unable to attend the worship service).

Supervision: The Director of Music Ministry is hired by the Session and reports directly to the Senior Pastor

Part time: Approximately 10 hours/week, at least 40 weeks per year.

Salary: $200 per week with occasional bonuses for participation in special services (i.e. Christmas Eve and Maundy Thursday).

Personal Growth and Development (10%)

Rationale: As a member of the church staff engaging in ministry, the Director of Music Ministry is a “face of the Church”. He/She will be seen as a role model. He/She is also a real person who has a real family and a real relationship with God. Spiritual warfare is a serious thing, and it is crucial that he/she takes whatever steps are necessary to maintain a sincere, satisfying and worshipful relationship to God. It is only as he/she abides in the vine that he/she will bear fruit.

Job duties: Maintains a vital relationship with God. Strives for a life characterized by worshipful obedience. Practices spiritual disciplines as needed to include regular Bible reading and prayer. To the degree it is within his/her power, remains faithfully married to his/her spouse (if applicable). Stewards his/her physical body and personal finances in a responsible manner. Obeys civil laws. Strives to maintain a good reputation inside and outside the church.

Success Criteria: Practices spiritual disciplines as God leads, but must include daily prayer/Bible reading. Consistently obeys civil laws and remains faithfully married (if applicable). Manages his body and finances responsibly and wisely. Does not abuse drugs or participate in organizations/activities that could have a negative impact on his/her Christian reputation in the community.

Administrative/Planning (30%)

Rationale: In order to have an effective music ministry, a significant amount of non-musical preparation/organization is necessary. Selecting blended music and ensuring that the personnel is available to execute the blended music selected are critically important aspects of the job.

Job Duties: Works with God and the senior pastor to select blended music for each worship service. In coordination with the ministry assistant, maintains the schedule for participating musicians (both band and special music). Prepares for the rehearsal and communicates this information to the participating musicians. Prays regularly for the music ministry and its participants.

Success Criteria: Consistently communicates with God and the Senior Pastor regarding the music for the worship service. Music is selected, approved, printed and communicated in a timely manner. The schedule is managed effectively.

Leading the Music: (60%)

Rationale: We have a group of talented sound board operators, singers and instrumentalists who volunteer regularly to participate in the music ministry. The Director of Music Ministry must be an individual with the spiritual maturity, musical skill and leadership ability to lead them well. The Director of Music Ministry will organize, equip and prepare the musical participants. He/she will then lead them through the musical portions of the worship service.

Job Duties: Gets to know and relates well to the members of the music ministry team (sound board operators, singers and instrumentalists). Leads the Thursday night rehearsal. Responds to any musical/technical challenges and leads the team through them. Leads the musical portions of the Sunday morning worship service. Develops, nurtures and encourages the team members in their musical ministry. Responds to any congregational feedback in a patient, caring and thoughtful manner.

Success Criteria: The musical portions of the worship services are executed in a manner that promotes worship in the members of the congregation. Thursday night rehearsals are regularly conducted with rare exceptions. The musicians and sound people are prepared and equipped for their part in the service. Volunteers are developed, equipped and encouraged in their ministry.

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