Director of Youth Ministry Part time

@ Mercy Presbyterian Church
  • Dallas, Texas View on Map
  • Denomination: Presbyterian - PCA
  • Job Category: Youth & Teen Ministry
  • Date Posted: 7 August 2021
  • Application closes: 30 November 2021
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    Job Description

    The role of the Director of Youth Ministries is to come alongside and equip junior and senior high students to grow in their faith, apply the gospel to all of life, and to build relationships that help to expand the kingdom of God.

    This role includes:
    Fostering mentoring relationships with individual students, providing personal support, and spiritual guidance during the transitional period between childhood and adulthood.
    Planning and Executing regular group activities, including times of worship, Bible studies, themed events, weekend outings, community service projects, and seasonal retreats.
    Building gospel community, creating a positive group culture among teens who care for one another and encourage one another to live a gospel-centered life at home, school, and beyond. Conveying the importance of developing their own spiritual health as vital to the health of the church at large.
    Supporting families by initiating relationships with parents, celebrating special occasions, student events, engaging with the local culture, and connecting families with one another.
    Growing a volunteer team, recruiting, cultivating, and training a community of adults to support our teens. Fostering personal relationships, managing collaboration, and ensuring teen safety.
    Connecting with unchurched and questioning students by creating authentic nonjudgmental spaces for spiritual discovery, and helping those students to integrate into the existing youth ministry.
    Managing communications both in-person and online, that promote upcoming events and clearly convey the organizations mission, vision and values to students and parents.
    Working with church leadership to establish program direction and assess progress, seeking regular feedback from parents, teens, volunteers, the senior pastor, and elders.
    Collaborating with other ministry staff to promote church-wide goals and connect with the broader community, engaging in group discussion and assisting with team events and projects as needed.
    Integrating (fostering and inspiring) the connection between youth and the greater church body through service, mentoring and responsibility. Developing the understanding that every member of the body is vital to the spiritual health and strength of the whole.

    The Ideal Candidate will be:
    Transformed By Grace: holding personal values and convictions aligned with a gracious experience of the gospel and a firmly rooted identity in Christ.
    Passionate: cares deeply about ministry to students and their life experiences with a natural inclination to understand, connect and help students.
    Experienced: skilled in creating and scaling ministries as a leader or a team member, from defining mission to recruiting volunteers to drawing in and caring for others as the ministry grows.
    Theologically Rooted: exhibiting aptitude and affinity for connecting Biblical truths to contemporary culture in ways that are interesting and relevant to our students.
    Engaging: energetic and creative in their teaching, personality, and approach to ministry as a whole.
    Entrepreneurial: someone who can independently identify ministry opportunities and create goals and strategies to meet those challenges.
    Motivational: adept at motivating others, bringing momentum and excitement to the organization by engaging teens, parents, volunteers and church members.
    Curious: desires to learn about student ministry, seeks input from others more experienced, connects to resources to help understand contemporary adolescent development and culture in order to contextualize and personalize a gospel-centered ministry for Mercy.

    Mercy is committed to creating a positive work environment for all staff members. We value cooperation, mutual support, integrity, and development of one another. We are commitment to personally sustainable ministry where rhythms of rest and work are honored.

    Both ordained and non-ordained applicants will be considered and the position will be adjusted as needed to fit the candidate (for example an ordained minister will receive a formal call to this work). Additional duties will be considered depending upon the specific candidates needs and desire.

    Next Steps
    To explore your fit for this position please send your resume, a list of references, and a brief description of your interest in the role to email. 

    Application closes: November 30, 2021

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