Discipleship Minister Full Time

@ Parkhills Baptist Church
  • San Antonio, Texas View on Map
  • Denomination: Baptist - SBC
  • Job Category: Discipleship Ministry
  • Salary Range: $65,000 - $85,000
  • Date Posted: 6 December 2019
  • Application closes: 6 April 2020
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    Job Description

    The Discipleship Minister shall provide leadership training for Parkhills Baptist Church (PBC) ministries. He shall develop and oversee the discipleship ministry as well as, develop and lead the Young and Median Adult ministries. His ministry will support other PBC ministries and function as a resource to those leaders. This position requires a problem-solver and catalyst, leading others as necessary to accomplish his ministerial responsibilities. He will dedicate his life to pursuing our mission as a key member of a strong and dynamic staff.

    Seminary degree-masters level required. Preferred in Master of Arts in Christian Education (MACE), Master of Arts in Religious Education (MARE), or equivalent.
    Five years or more of leadership experience with Sunday School/Small Groups and Outreach ministry is required.

    The Discipleship Minister must be a born-again believer in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. He must be theologically conservative and believe in the inerrancy of Biblical scripture. He must demonstrate mature Christian character, with a clear calling to vocational ministry. He must meet the qualifications of 1Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9, and Acts 20:28-31.

    The Discipleship Minister must be an ordained Southern Baptist minister. He must be committed to PBC’s mission, doctrine, vision, values, and beliefs as well as the Southern Baptist Convention’s Baptist Faith and Message, dated June 14, 2000. He must possess the following skills and competencies:

    Communication Skills: Have strong oral and written communication skills. Proficiency in Spanish is a plus.
    Administrative, Organizational, and Interpersonal Skills: Be detail-oriented, ensuring all tasks accomplished either by himself or in working with others are correct and accurate.
    Leadership & Training Skills: Proven record in training discipleship leaders. Ability to lead large and small groups.
    Technical Skills: Demonstrate strong technology skills with multiple social platforms (e.g., Facebook) and office products (e.g., Microsoft Office 365), while considering, learning and working with new digital solutions for ongoing continuous improvement.
    Budgeting Skills: Be able to carefully prepare, present, and responsibly maintain a budget.
    A Passion for Discipleship: Possess a clear conviction that all God’s people are to make disciples and seek to fulfill the Great Commission. Demonstrate expertise in current discipleship methods and models.
    A Missionary Heart: Loves to engage lost people with the gospel and to train others to share their faith.
    A Team Player: Maintain a humble spirit and commitment to teamwork with other pastors, ministers, staff, and church members.
    Trust and Confidentiality: Maintains appropriate discretion and confidentiality regarding personal information of the membership and interpersonal communications of the Pastoral Leadership Team.

    The Discipleship Minister is responsible for creating, managing, and executing the areas of our church that make disciples and encourage Christian maturity. The position requires great flexibility in hours available for work, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. While the position is considered full-time, the number of hours required are deemed those needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the position. The Discipleship Minister is accountable to the Pastoral Leadership Team and church membership. The position encompasses the following responsibilities:

    Train and Develop Ministry Leaders
    Recruit potential leaders for target areas of PBC ministry in cooperation with pastors, ministers, and ministry leaders
    Oversee training and development of ministry leaders.
    Evaluate, select, and coordinate materials used in leadership and ministry training.
    Ensure sound doctrine is maintained in all PBC’s teaching environments.
    Act as a resource for other church leaders.

    Develop and Encourage Discipleship Ministries
    Oversee discipleship curriculum and training with a focus on Connection Groups/Sunday School.
    Foster small group development to meet the needs of various PBC ministries.
    Develop outreach initiatives to reach the community.
    Coordinate with Pastoral Leadership Team to continue and further develop the membership information class (e.g. Discover Parkhills) for all persons interested in membership.
    Visit hospitals, homes, prospects, etc.
    Serve as a mentor: provide guidance, accountability, and encouragement to ministry leaders.
    Provide oversight of certain front-door ministries (e.g. Welcome Center, greeters, assimilation) and support to those seeking membership and baptism.
    Develop and maintain discipleship policies in concert with the Pastoral Leadership Team.
    Develop and Lead the Young and Median Adult Ministries
    Develop and implement new strategies to foster growth within this ministry.
    Provide oversight and representation for these ministries.
    Serve as mentor: provide guidance, accountability, and encouragement to the leaders.

    Communicate and Coordinate across PBC Ministries
    Lead worship by preaching in the absence of the Teaching Pastor.
    Regularly report to the Pastoral Leadership Team in staff meetings.
    Ensure discipleship functions are aligned with all church policies, goals, and schedules.
    Work closely with leaders in all areas of ministry to ensure quality leadership training is provided.
    Collaborate with assistants, interns, administrative personnel, and volunteers as required.
    Perform all other duties as deemed necessary by Pastoral Team.

    Application closes: April 6, 2020

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