Executive Director Full Time

@ First Baptist Church Boerne
  • Boerne, Texas View on Map
  • Denomination: Baptist - SBC
  • Job Category: Business, Administration & Finance, Executive Pastor
  • Date Posted: 1 June 2020
  • Application Closed
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Job Description

The Executive Director provides leadership and oversight to day-to-day church operations, especially its facility, business, and personnel-related processes.  This incumbent is responsible for the church’s legal and financial affairs, insurance and risk management, human resources administration, information management, facility management, and oversight of the use of its venue.

The Executive Director reports to the Senior Pastor and will be appraised by him.  This person will be employed by the church on a full-time, exempt, salaried basis via an employment contract that specifies salary and benefits.  The work schedule for this individual will be Monday to Friday, although there is need for a visible presence in the worship services and attendance at some church meetings held in the evenings and weekend days.  This incumbent will have a defined delegation of spending authority as determined by the Church Council.  Hiring and termination decisions will be made per the church’s Hiring, Termination, and Discipline Policy.

The Executive Director will facilitate collaboration and decision-making by encouraging a diversity of perspectives that fall within the church’s Scripturally-based foundational beliefs (See FBC Structure Document Section I Statement of Faith, Section II No. 1 Paragraph A Christian Unity:  Importance, and Section II No. 4 Church Council.)

Qualifications for this position:

  • Expressed personal faith in Jesus Christ,
  • Personal integrity and a blameless reputation,
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with preference given to general business management, finance, or accounting.  Training and/or certification in human resource administration is desirable,
  • Demonstrated leadership and administrative skills in a supervisory position; general management experience,
  • Work experience in a church, non-profit religious institution, or social services organization is relevant and preferable.


  • Maintain a lifestyle of blamelessness.
    • As described in FBC Structure Document (See Section II No. 3, Lifestyle Covenant),
    • Personal holiness with appropriate accountability,
    • Right relationships,
    • A reputation above reproach,
    • Personal disciplines of prayer, Bible Study, giving.
  • Protects the reputation, integrity, and unity of the church.
    • Ensures compliance with recognized accounting and financial standards,
    • Ensures compliance with federal and state laws governing employees and benefits,
    • Provides accurate and timely information to the Senior Pastor, Church Council, and the congregation.
  • Lead and supervise the church’s support and maintenance staff.
    • Sets the tone and example for consensus decision-making as described in the FBC Structure Document (See Section II, No. 2, Overview of the Structure).
    • Leads the support staff with a focus on excellence in daily operations and short-term projects.
    • Supervises the members of the ministry, support, and maintenance staff.  Performs annual performance appraisals with developmental actions.  Recognizes service and performance and educational milestones of the church’s employees.  Ensures appropriate training and compliance activities are completed.
    • Ensures open communication of business and administrative activities to the church staff as required, including attendance at weekly staff meetings.
  • Provide customer-friendly and efficient support services for the ministries of the church.
    • Supervises the church’s daily operations:  scheduling, set-up, security, facility maintenance, and food service,
    • Collaborates with the ministerial staff to plan events and communications and monitor activities.  Collaborates with the ministerial staff and mission groups to ensure seamless coordination of events.
    • Manages the use of the church’s facilities for worship, events, meetings, and by schools.
    • Organizes staff and volunteers to provide consistent and easy-to-use work processes.
    • Measures church member and client satisfaction and implements appropriate improvement programs.
  • Interact appropriately within the church’s governance structure as described in the FBC structure document.
    • Provides updates to the Church Council and congregation as appropriate,
    • Serves as the staff member of the Business Council and helps it to fulfill its Structure Document-specified responsibilities.  Works with the Business Council in the planning and preparation of the annual church budget,
    • Serves as the staff member of the Human Resources Council and helps it to fulfill its Structure Document-specified responsibilities.  Develops compensation and staffing plans with that team,
    • Participates and provides information to the Ministry Council for effective planning and implementation of intentional and cohesive vision.
  • Manage the financial processes of the church.
    • Serves as primary signatory for all checks related to vendors and contractors,
      • Verifies documentation and appropriateness of expenses,
      • Ensures that expenses are within budget plan.
    • Approves all contractor agreements.  Reviews and approves contractor and service agreement invoices (accountants, ITS, etc.),
    • Reviews Monthly Financials and Cash Flow Analysis,
      • Detail review for anomalies and budget variances,
      • Determines appropriate response to budget variances, if needed,
      • Reports financial results to Church Council, Business Council, and Deacons.
    • Transfers money as needed from reserve accounts to operating account as needed based on accountants’ recommendations and anticipated cash needs,
    • Reviews and recommends the use of excess cash with appropriate allocations to savings, capital projects, capital needs, ministry support, etc.,
    • Facilitates the review and approval of Capital Projects within funds available,
    • Meets regularly with the Accounting staff to identify and resolve accounting issues.
  • Administer the human resources processes of the church,
    • With the Church’s Human Resources Council, defines, maintains, and implements human resource policies and procedures,
    • Oversees compensation, benefits, performance management, and other administrative processes,
    • Ensures legal compliance for all personnel-related actions, records, and postings required by national and state laws.
  • Manage the administrative processes associated with the church venue.
    • Manages the church insurance policies, ensuring appropriate coverages, renewal schedule, and filing of claims,
    • Supervises FBC IT Systems Manager.  Oversees the management, maintenance, and improvements to the church’s IT system,
    • Oversees the security programs of the church.  Facilitates the development of a campus Safety and Security plan for FBC,
    • Maintains the appropriate policies and procedures for the work process within the job scope.  Ensures proper record retention and document security,
    • Serves as liaison between Crestmont School and FBC for contractual issues,
    • Serves as liaison between FBC and emergency services, such as the Red Cross,
    • Reviews contracts subject to renewals.
  • Steward the church’s facilities.
    • Manages the upkeep and maintenance of the church’s buildings and grounds,
    • Reviews the development and implementation of a long-term facility maintenance and capital upgrade plan,
    • Administers service agreements and facility-related contracts,
    • Manages and oversees building and grounds-related capital purchases related to regular maintenance of the facilities and equipment.
Application deadline closed.

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