Family Minister Full Time

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    Job Description

    The responsibilities of the Family Pastor that will be fulfilled are:

    Principal Functions

    1. Be committed to the Holy Scriptures as inspired, inerrant and the authoritative Word of God.
    2. Be committed to the concept of New Testament Christianity and the plea of the Restoration Movement.
    3. Live an exemplary life under the authority of Jesus Christ.

    Distinctive Responsibilities

    1. Provide leadership and serve as the point person in carrying out consistent, intentional activities for student discipleship ministry.
    2. Assist with anything that’s needed on Sunday mornings (fill-in for children’s ministry teachers if need be)
    3. Coordinate a Mid-week activity/service for the children.
    4. Teach the Mid-week activity/service for the youth
    5. Enlist, equip, encourage, empower and evaluate those desiring to become involved and those currently involved in Children and Youth Ministry leadership and teaching.
    6. Teach students on an ongoing basis in a Life Group, or other Bible Study.
    7. Visit the youth and their families on a regular basis by going to their school/extra-curricular activities.
    8. Mentor other individuals in visitation activities.
      1. Evangelistic:  Assist in the visitation of all local guests with children in a timely manner.
      2. Pastoral:  Assist Lead Minister with visitation of shut in, especially in the area of Students and their families. Visit the sick or hospitalized, respond to emergency situations and be available for deaths and funerals of church members or their families.
    9. Inform elders monthly on updates with projects, programs, and visitations.
    10. Attend the Collective Leadership meetings (deacons and elders) in a non-voting capacity
    11. Responsible for keeping the congregation informed of specific ministry activities through announcements, posters, newsletters, website, weekly bulletins, and any other Church publications.   Activities need to be announced in a timely manner.
    12. Preach on Sunday morning on an occasional basis.
    13. Promote Summer Camp.  Attend at least one week of camp per year.
    14. Lead VBS
    15. Counseling is done in crisis situations only. Long-term counseling or counseling that involves therapy, hospitalization or legal complications is to be referred to a professional.
    16. Other duties as needed

    Contact Information

    Colt Doherty – (661) 367-0874

    Application closes: December 30, 2021

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