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    Job Description

    The Role and Accountabilities

    First Christian Church seeks a Godly, talented, servant leader who can relate to the importance of developing relationships with Jesus Christ and each other. He possesses demonstrated ability to consistently lead through others; establishing encouraging, impactful, and meaningful vision that we can set into practice to grow the Kingdom of God at FCC. We seek a leader who is eager grow the church spiritually and numerically.

    The individual we seek is inspired and believes that everyone needs to be reached for Jesus. That includes those within the FCC body and those we have yet to meet. He is a man of God, scripturally sound and can teach others to seek Him using multiple methods of delivery across the spectrum of first-time seekers to mature Christians. He takes ownership for results whether up or down, is humble, yet driven to succeed by leading, teaching, encouraging, coaching, mentoring and inspiring others to achieve more. He will be personally accountable and hold his team to the same personal accountability. We seek a leader who can discern people leadership performance trends and course correct with conviction to help them achieve the best possible outcome.

    The role is clearly about relationships and the needed organization to ensure we are doing all we can to create the environment where relationships with Jesus and others happen in a most meaningful way. There is no right way or one way to do this role. Let us not stop the creative ideas from flowing before we even begin! If you are inspired by the Word of God, believe that Jesus is the Truth and the Way, value relationships in who you are and in others, and have the God given talent to lead, then we invite you to read further here. May God bless you always.

    Responsibilities of the Role

    I. Personal Life

    A. Strive to live a life above reproach as a Christian example as outlined in places such as 1 Timothy 3; 2 Timothy 2; Titus 1.

    • Demonstrate a strong personal commitment to Christ and the Bible.
    • Maintain daily times of prayer and Bible study to personally abide in Christ.
    • If married; build, and maintain a strong Christian family with a supportive spouse who also desires to intentionally engage in developing relationships and has a heart for ministry.

    B. Become an involved member of the FCC Family as would be expected of all church leaders.

    • Relocating to Washington, MO or the nearby surrounding area within 10 miles of FCC
    • Includes, but not be limited easy access and availability to Life Groups, special events, services, community events, etc. beyond Sunday morning
    • You can easily encourage and minister to members, and they can encourage and minister to you and;
    • So that your ministry can be accentuated by your relationships and example to others

     II. Worship Service

    The worship time is a primary means of fulfilling our Mission Statement; Make Followers of Jesus today as we Love, Grow, Connect, Give. Therefore, it is a high priority as we worship God, develop relationships with Jesus and each other as we minister to both guests and members.

    A. You are the lead driver here, providing inspiration and direction to the entire team including the Worship Minister. Lead the congregation into meaningful worship ministering out of your own relationship with Jesus and sharing your heart and words. With key staff involvement, plan and direct long-range preaching and teaching plans in order to provide opportunities for creative planning by entire staff.

    B. Envision, lead and take responsibility for the impact of our worship services.

    1.     Core elements that should be included in each service.

    • Ensuring effective planning and coordination to maximize the mission each and every time we worship
    • Thoughts and hearts directed to the worship of God
    • Communion
    • Study and application of the Bible
    • Prayer
    • Offering

    2.     Variety in expressions of worship, people involved, and order of service are encouraged.

    3.     Leads and ensures collaborative, effective team planning for worship.

    C. Ensures we have a worship team that develops sub-leaders and utilizes the talents of multiple people.

    III. Discipleship

    1.     Is responsible for the effectiveness of our discipleship processes that uphold the growth of Christians in their faith journey and build leaders across all ministries to accomplish that which Jesus Christ set before us.
    2.     Lead ministry leaders to ensure consistency and application of scripture in everything we do
    3.     Is all about developing relationships as leaders are developed.

    IV. Leadership

    Leadership takes on many forms. The most important qualities of the leader we seek must begin and end with relationships. If you can reach people personally, placing all others above yourself, you will be highly effective. But you must lead by developing others in Christ, staying true to the mission, and ensuring others are effective in what they set out to do in reaching the lost and nurturing the saved.

    1.     Leads across FCC staff, ministries, and events as we are all a part of a ministry team.
    2.     Is accountable to the Eldership, and the Eldership is accountable to the congregation.
    3.     Is personable and approachable with members and guests.
    4.     Works to avoid a settled, complacent, or apathetic result or pulse in the ministry team and can inspire others to deliver their very best.
    5.     Works as a team player with staff and volunteers and as one who leads by example.
    6.     Lead and Inspire staff to high level of effective ministry without micro-managing. Coach, mentor, and be accountable to existing staff, and help them do the same as we all set out to Make Followers of Jesus Today as We Love, Grow, Connect, Give.
    7.     Discern the difference in specific program and ministry effectiveness coming from the inherent energy and interest of the people, how your staff are or are not engaged and making insightful changes to align across both.
    8.     Pastoral, including hospital and home bound calls, spiritual guidance, weddings, funerals, and teaching especially with people who are within the worship ministry.
    9.     Attend all required church meetings including but not limited to; staff, leadership (staff and elders), retreats, appropriate additional ministries. Your role is to either lead directly or set up others so that they are successful in leading church events and meetings.

    This job description is not exclusive or exhaustive, but may be changed after discussion with the Lead Minister and other appropriate church leaders as the need would arise. It’s another way of saying “other duties as assigned”

    We are excited about the opportunities present at First Christian Church of Washington Missouri.

    Communications of interest in this Lead Minister Position should be directed via email to: Mr. David Smith, Administration Minister

    Application deadline closed.

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