Lead Pastor Full Time

@ The Well
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  • Denomination: Wesleyan
  • Job Category: Pastor / Senior Pastor
  • Date Posted: 3 April 2020
  • Application Closed
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Job Description

Personal Qualities
* Committed to be in a growing, dynamic and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
* Consistently lives a life prayerfully dependent and feeding on the Word of God with hunger and desire for a Holy Spirit led lifestyle.
* Personal passion for leading, developing and overseeing the church’s vision, mission, strategies, and values modeled by Jesus.
* Person of a high level of relational and emotional intelligence and awareness who desires to invest in relationships with The Well family and the unchurched.

Professional Qualities
* Pastor must be a member of the Wesleyan church or be willing to move credentials to the Wesleyan church.
* Pastoral ministry experience is recommended, but not required.
* Embraces the Bible as the inerrant Word of God and adheres to the tenants and traditional values of the Wesleyan church.
* Able to speak the word of God boldly in a spirit of humility, kindness, and gentleness.
* Consistently has an optimistic mindset and is authentic in their interactions with others.

Pastoral Qualities
* Demonstrates a passion and commitment to reaching lost people for Jesus Christ and seeing people grow to full maturity in their faith.
* Communication to the church leadership and congregation regarding vision and future direction should be regular and ongoing. It should be done in a compelling manner, both written and verbally, to draw individuals into relationship with God, the Well family, and future mission.
* Leads and inspires the Well family to get involved as faithful servants who live with a missional mindset and a community focus.
* Preaches in a way that inspires the hearers to live authentic, transforming lives by example as we all become fully devoted followers of Jesus.
* A teacher who increases our Biblical knowledge and leaves us hungry for more of God’s truth.
* Places a high value on meeting the needs of the hungry, sick, and imprisoned.

Leadership Qualities
* The pastor must take initiative organizing and establishing effective ministry teams that clearly understand long and short-term goals, while assessing progress and ensuring adjustments are made as needed.
* The pastor should lead as a Consensus Builder who will form, equip and lead teams of leaders in a collaborative manner to achieve ‘buy-in’ from the teams in an effort to achieve unity in common goals.
* Skilled and Knowledgeable in the face of conflict and challenges by being faithful, loving, dependable, and able to maintain an even temperament in challenging times. This should be done with humility and kindness while maintaining truth.
* Courageously Optimistic and willing to try new things, test the waters, and go after mission fulfillment in creative and responsible ways. This should be done in the spirit of being a consensus-building leader and also as a networker with peers in the community to leverage the collective wisdom of others facing similar opportunities.

Church Information
* Complete church and pastor profile can be viewed through our website thewell.tw/careers
* Find out more about The Well Church on Facebook by following this link, The Well

Next Steps
* Those interested in applying should upload cover letter, resume, and link of teaching video to thewell.tw/careers

Application deadline closed.

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