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Job Description

The Journey, Tower Grove is the largest Journey location. It serves as the hub for recording sermons and consequently, live preaching. It is located in an “urban center,” a neighborhood characterized by wide-ranging cultures and socio-economics. While The Journey Tower Grove is our most racially diverse location, we are asking the Lord to help us even better reflect the surrounding neighborhood. Our congregation includes families and individuals from nearby neighborhoods, universities and numerous suburbs up to 30 minutes away. These characteristics, and their various outworkings have lead us to seek a pastor with some unique attributes beyond the typical job description:

A strong theology of place. We need a pastor who understands and can lead our congregation in learning about building relationships within and loving our immediate geographical context.
Experience in multi-ethnic ministry. We need a pastor who is passionate about God’s heart for a diverse church and can lead cross-culturally, modeling and requiring biblical equity and inclusion.
Balanced gifts. We need a pastor adept at preaching but also people-gathering and connecting. In this role, preaching responsibilities are shared with The Journey’s preaching pastor. This pastor needs to be comfortable and confident in his gifts beyond the pulpit.
A passion for engaging culture. We need a pastor who has a deep conviction for seeing God’s people mobilized to their neighborhoods and nations, proclaiming the gospel, doing justice and mercy, and joining God in the renewal of all things.
In short, we need a pastor with experience and gifts that can help us stretch and grow and areas where we are limited. We desire to steward well what we have been given in The Journey Tower Grove.

* Fulfills The Journey’s membership requirements as outlined in the membership covenant
* Fulfills the character qualifications and duties of elder as taught in Scriptures (1 Timothy 3:1-7 )
* Track record of personal discipleship and evangelism
* Mature leadership skills with both small and large groups
* Able to teach and preach to small and large groups of individuals
* Engage in the eldership process of The Journey within the first 6 months of hire (required)

Catalytic leader: a high-capacity, high energy self-starter who not only gets things done but makes things happen. Must Lead Up, Across, and Down. Able to supervise and align staff to vision.
Team Player: works well with or in a team. Someone who people will follow, but who is willing to follow as well. Not a lone ranger maverick. They have a high “fun factor.”
Mobilizer: not only attracts followers but can turn them into teams of volunteers
Multi-tasker: shows high capacity to juggle a lot of balls simultaneously and loves the juggling act
Communicator: doesn’t have to be the best preacher but capable and articulate speaking to a room full of people
DNA Carrier: bleeds and defaults to the mission, vision, values, and senior leadership of the church
Flexible: Must be flexible in an organic multisite system and able to cope with pressure and setbacks

A local Lead Pastor of The Journey is responsible for leading and shepherding the local congregation, elders, and staff of their church with a vision to see our city awakened to and transformed by the love of Jesus. The Lead Pastor has key accountability of their local church to ensure that core ministries are flourishing and contextual ministries are empowered, while also championing Journey-wide vision and initiatives. At his church location, the Lead Pastor is responsible for:

Shepherding the Local Church

The Lead Pastor is a primary shepherd of their local church location. This includes oversight and accountability for:

* Membership participation and growth
* Corporate worship experience that spiritually forms and missionally engages congregation
* Bible study and prayer
* Volunteering or leading
* Church generosity
* Engaging culture, including our neighbors, neighborhoods, and the nations
* Pastoral care of congregation

Leadership Development
The Lead Pastor will provide proactive, servant leadership to their local church, elders, and staff. This includes developing a leadership pipeline for volunteers, deacons, and elders, while also ensuring the execution of the vision and mission of The Journey is carried out. Specifically, the Lead Pastor will oversee and lead:

* Elders
* Oversee local elder team, serving first among equals
* Facilitate the elder process at local church
* Deacons
* Staff
* Embody staff values and drive culture from those
* Oversee personal and professional development for each staff member
* Ensure healthy rhythms and rest for staff
* Lead staff meetings and individual meetings with staff members on a regular basis
* Service pastors/hosts
* Membership oversight
* Call and lead member meetings

Alignment of Local Church to Journey Global Vision
* Participate as an active member on the Leadership Team
* Create Annual Ministry Plan for the local church that aligns with The Journey’s global vision, mission and strategic initiatives
* Champion Journey-wide vision and initiatives
* Devote 15-25% of time to team time with other lead pastors and to leading particular initiatives that impact The Journey as a whole. Note: this wider leadership comes only after the first year in the role.

Preaching and Teaching
* Preach 10-24 times/year based on capacity and capability (Note: Number of preaching reps/year to be determined/overseen by * The Journey’s Preaching Pastor)
* Provide occasional teaching outside of weekend services

Strategic Planning
* Develop and oversee the annual plan and budget on an annual basis
* Create and oversee a consistent pastoral care plan for the congregation, in conjunction with staff and elders
* Collaborate with Ministry Support teams to ensure that the logistical needs of the local church are met (Facilities, Technology, * Finance, Human Resources, Production, Creative + Communications)
* Evangelistically strategize how to expand, reach, and serve more people in the local community

The lead pastors of The Journey are a band of brothers committed to friendship with Jesus and one another. We fill the gaps with trust rather than suspicion, grace rather than fear, and openness rather than self-protection. We hold each other accountable and have each others’ backs. We refuse to gossip, live to serve, love to be last for the sake of the gospel and one another. All lead pastors are qualified local elders who serve as first among equals.

A local Lead Pastor must live a life of Jesus-centered character lived out in community. It is expected that he will:

* Build community with elders and others in the local congregation
* Have redemptive friendships
* Actively practice and set examples in evangelism
* Participate joyfully and submissively on the lead pastor team
* Model Sabbath and Christ-centered rest
* Worship twice/year in different context outside of The Journey

Status: Full-time, exempt
Schedule/Hours: 50-55 hours/week
Benefits: Health insurance, cell phone reimbursement, life insurance, LTD, 403(b), vacation, study leave, and sick leave
Reports to: Executive Pastor
Supervises: Local church staff

Application deadline closed.

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