Location Pastor Full Time

@ The Block Church
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania View on Map
  • Denomination: Non - Denominational
  • Job Category: Church Planting, Pastor / Senior Pastor
  • Date Posted: 1 June 2022
  • Application closes: 31 July 2022
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    Job Description

    NATURE AND SCOPE OF JOB: A Location Pastor at The Block Church will be the main leader, facilitator, and shepherd of his/her particular location. Their main focus will be to disciple and shepherd, develop leaders and volunteers, and grow their location. Most of the pertinent information regarding the location will flow from the Location Pastor and his/her leadership will be evident and necessary in sustaining the growth of this location. Finally, we expect our Location Pastors to be advocates and serve their respective communities by hosting a monthly Serve Saturday. 

    ADDITIONAL EXPECTATIONS: Ultimately, our goal for each location is to aim for a minimum of 250 people and at least two services provided on the weekend. We are attempting to build neighborhood & community-driven churches that are foundational to its respective communities. Financial sustainability at the location level is expected and you will manage the location budget with support from central. 

    • Meet with each team leader of this location (ministry coordinators) and invest in them by keeping a pulse on what each of our ministries is up to and how they’re doing. Also, helping them think through and staff their ministry areas when there are cancellations and team challenges.  
    • Have weekly meetings with key lay leaders in the church while collaborating with them and investing in each of them.
    • Get into the community by way of meetings, joining business alliances, and being available for special community events. Offer availability to the police district, firemen, and beyond.
    • Go to colleges (if applicable), coffee shops, and other community spaces to invite, make connections, and grow your location. 
    • Pastoral counseling and appointments with church members as they come up are a must.
    • Partner with the Elders and Prayer Coordinators to distribute benevolence and assess funeral needs and hospital visitations. 
    • Work on and think through systems for your particular location as issues arise and growth takes place.  
      • Manage location budget and care for those who give and serve.
    • Regularly connect with people by way of meals, coffee, and hanging out. This position requires someone to facilitate and build community.
    • Participate in church-wide staff meetings and broader church conversations 
    • Mondays: 9am-4 pm
    • Wednesdays: 9am-1pm for staff prayer, leader development, meetings and evening meetings pertinent to your location. 

    *Full Job Description available upon request.


    • Candidate will have a proven track record of working in a ministry environment, experience with pastoral counseling, leading teams and leaders, and passionate about leadership development 
    • Candidate must be a strong, proactive leader with a blend of charisma & organizational skills, a solid work ethic, and excellent communication patterns.
    • Candidate must have a passion for the lost, for discipleship, and for pastoral ministry
    • Candidate must be able to work as a team and communicate with honor—communication is of vital importance.
    • Preferred two years minimum of: hands-on ministry experience.

    Specific expectations, compensation, & conversation to follow qualified resumes and references. Please email resumes and references to [email protected]*

    Required skills

    Application closes: July 31, 2022

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