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Job Description

The candidate must meet the requirements set out in the Book of Church Order of the Presbyterian Church in America, including agreement with the Confession of Faith and the Catechisms of that Church; and he must be a man who is above reproach and characterized by the traits identified by the Apostle Paul in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1. In addition, the Committee desires to nominate a man who may be characterized as follows:

• Is a sincere believer in Jesus Christ; loves God above all else and seeks His glory as the purpose of his life and ministry.
• Enthusiastic and able to share his faith in Jesus Christ anytime, anywhere, and with everyone by looking for and seizing opportunities for conversation with the lost.
• Responds to every problem, burden, and endeavor with prayer and recourse to God’s Word.
• Compassionate, empathetic, loving, and patient.
• An example of personal holiness, devotion to Christ, integrity, transparency, authenticity approachability, and humility; the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in him is apparent; continues to listen and learn.

• Thoroughly knows the Bible, and Biblical and systematic theology; understands church history, and is interested in and thoroughly understands current theological issues.

Preaching and Leadership in Worship
• Labors to discern the meaning of Biblical texts; preaching clearly and plainly, expounding the meaning of a Biblical text, and explaining its relevance to the thinking and daily actions of all the people being shepherded, with authority, urgency, dignity, and conviction; illustrations illuminate the text.
• Preaching, with the passing of time, presents the whole counsel of God, and ties each passage to the historical- redemptive narrative of Scripture.
• Implements a comprehensive program of corporate wor- ship that glorifies God and builds up His people, a worship program that is based on a carefully-considered theology, and that permits and facilitates meaningful participation by the entire congregation.
• Understands and appreciates, and can support, the present style of Colfax’s worship service, which we believe is God- focused, participatory and accessible, reverent, thoughtful, warm, and built on historical, and time-honored expres- sions, with elements of contemporary worship.

Pastoral and Ministerial Leadership
• Prays to God, and relies on Him, for the growth of this Church.
• Leads by example in prayer, study of the Scripture, evan- gelism, and service to others.
• Personally disciples Church members intentionally and patiently.
• Has the ability to reach young families.
• Assures that Church members receive pastoral care, espe- cially the elderly, widows, the ill, and those in crisis.
• Oversees the training and participation of Church lead- ers and members in the areas of: evangelistic outreach, domestic and foreign missions, and ministries of mercy; enthusiastically embraces current Church outreaches.
• Leads the Session in developing and pursuing a simple mission and vision for the Church.
• Comfortably delegates appropriate administrative, pro- grammatic, and financial functions; oversees the work of Church staff and holds them accountable.
• Has a heart for youth ministry and the ability to relate to them; will be responsible for strengthening the youth ministry in the church, by personal involvement and the recruiting and training of volunteers

Application deadline closed.

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